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Because Iolite is a reasonably ‘hard’ stone according to the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness, jewelry made of it is difficult to scratch – allowing you to wear it with other pieces and keep it securely in a Jewelry Box with confidence. The fragile nature of Iolite means that it will shatter if it is hit in the incorrect direction. The knock may either cause a crack inside the gem or possibly cause a piece to break away from the gem! In contrast, if Iolite gems are put in the proper jewelry setting and treated with care, they are usually durable and will not scratch when in contact with metals or most other gemstones.


The stunning blue color of Iolite is one of its most distinguishing characteristics. A “water sapphire” was mistakenly labeled once upon a time, and it’s simple to understand why – the hue of this gem is not strong or deep, but rather a gentle, calming shade of blue. Iolite’s hue may seem to be excessively dark at times, as a result of a kind of “ink stain” blue that lowers the value of the mineral. The color of Iolite stones cannot be enhanced by heat treatment, unlike Sapphires, therefore they are as beautiful as they can be when they are in their natural state!


The purity of the Iolite gemstone is critical in allowing the pleochroism feature to truly show through. Spots and milky wisps are frequent inclusions in bigger pieces, and they may be identified by their color. Smaller bits of the gemstone are prone to internal fractures due to their fragility; this is especially true if the gemstone has been handled improperly. These fractures have the potential to cancel out the pleochroism reflections in the gemstone, lowering its monetary worth.


Iolite is a very inexpensive gemstone when compared to other gemstones such as sapphires. As a result, obtaining a decent cut may be accomplished without sacrificing much value due to the weight of the stone. The cutting of an Iolite gemstone is a highly delicate process that requires great care. Iolite must be cut in such a manner that its pleochroism is enhanced while the color of the stone is retained or improved in order to maintain or increase its value. Both of these qualities may be lost if the camera is angled incorrectly. Look for a piece of cut Iolite that has a strong, correctly angled faceted pattern on it. The pleochroism should be easily discernible, and the gem should reflect light straight into your eye when held up to the light.

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