“Is a 925 silver ring worth anything?” This is the most common question asked by the people. You may hear that the 925 silver ring is not the pure one. But why does it costs so much?

This post is the answer to all of your questions. Before seeing whether the 925 silver ring is worth anything, first, let’s know what exactly the 925 silver ring is.

925 silver and sterling silver

Everyone knows about sterling silver. But what most people don’t know is both are the same.

Yes! Both the sterling silver and 925 silver are the same.

The pure silver is very soft. So, if you make any ring using pure silver, it may break easily due to its softness. To get the most durable silver ring, jewelers mix the silver with some other metal in a certain ratio.

In 925 silver rings, 92.5% are made up of silver, and 7.5% are made up of copper or some other metals. Based on the composition of this metal, they are called 925 silver.

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Is it worth anything?

Now you know that 925 silver ring is not the pure one. So, you may think that it is not worth anything. But actually, you are wrong. We can not make durable silver rings with pure silver. So, don’t think 925 silver is not worth anything.

They are considered as a top-quality silver ring because it is more scratch-resistant and it is harder than 999 silver. So, without a doubt, you can buy these Sterling silver rings.

Is a 925 silver ring is expensive?

As we know that, the Sterling Silver ring is of good quality, next thing that comes to our mind is the price range.

To be honest, we can’t surely say the price of 925 silver rings. It depends on some factors like gemstones. Based on the gemstone, the price range may vary. However, It ranges from $20 to $500 or sometimes even higher.

Authenticity test

Not everything that appears in silver color is a sterling silver ring. Sometimes, people are fooled by this. There are fake 925 silver rings in the market. They are mostly silver-plated. So it is crucial to buy real sterling silver.

Even if it is not more expensive than gold, still it is worth buying. So before buying 925 silver rings, test whether it is pure or not.

There are some simple tricks to identify whether silver is pure or not.

1) Stamp

Real Sterling Silver rings have stamps in them. So ensure that there is a stamp or not. Usually, there will be stamps like STER, 925, sterling, STG, Sterling Silver. So always look for this before you buy the ring.

2) Black marks

Remember that sterling silver always leaves a black mark when you rub it with a clean cloth. This is the key. If you don’t see any black marks, then don’t buy that ring.

3) Magnetic test

The third step for identifying 925 silver rings is by testing their magnetic properties. Silver ring doesn’t have a magnetic property. So, you can easily identify which is the real one.

When you ask me If a 925 silver ring is worth anything, I’ll say yes. Because it’s versatile and most people love to wear 925 silver. They are affordable and hypoallergenic. However, the only disadvantage about this solved is they easily get tarnished. Other than that, It’s the best one to purchase.

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