Diamond is the most beautiful gemstone. Not every time we could afford diamonds. I know how much you love diamonds. But to match its dazzling look, you can go for cubic zirconia diamonds when you can’t afford real diamonds. Even though they look exactly like diamonds, people often doubt whether these diamonds are real or not.

Your confusion is valid. Because they look more like diamonds but why are they very cheap? This makes anyone want to know more about cubic zirconia diamonds and whether they are real or not. Let’s see everything here including how it differs from diamond.

Cubic zirconia

Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic diamond and it is made up of a cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide in the laboratory. They look more like a diamond and they are cheap and one of the good alternatives of diamonds.

Is cubic zirconia real diamond?

Many people have this doubt. They look exactly like diamonds and are lab-grown. So it’s common for people to think whether cubic zirconia diamonds are real or not.

Well, here’s the answer. Cubic Zirconia is real but not a real diamond. Even though it looks like a diamond, they differ much in their properties. So, cubic zirconia is the real one. But you should not consider it as a diamond. Because diamond is far superior to cubic zirconia.

Now, we concluded that this diamond is real. Let’s know how they differ.

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Brilliance is one of the important qualities of diamonds. Do you think cubic zirconia has less brilliance than a diamond?

No, you’re wrong. Cubic zirconia has no brilliance and fire. So you can easily find the difference between these two stones.

Refractive Index

Cubic Zirconia has a lower refractive index between 2.15 to 2.18 which is lower than diamond. Diamond has a refractive index of 2.42. So because of that cubic zirconia shows less reflection than the other Gemstone. When light passes through it. You can notice the difference in light by placing these two stones under the light.

Another thing is Refractive index has high dispersion rate than diamond. That’s why cubic zirconia shows a rainbow effect when light passes through it. As diamonds have a low dispersion rate, they won’t show the rainbow effect inside the stone.


As you know it’s not a real diamond, you can not expect it to be durable. They are not durable and it is not ideal for everyday wear. If you are planning to use cubic zirconia for an engagement ring, it’s not worth it. To avoid this gemstone especially for engagement rings.

Diamond’s score is 10 based on the Mohs scale of hardness but cubic zirconia’s Mohs scale of hardness is 8.5. So this makes the cubic zirconia less durable. So it can easily get scratched and cloudy after some period.


When it comes to density, cubic zirconia wins. It’s more dense than diamond. So, cubic zirconia can also cut glass. So you can’t find real diamonds by using this technique.

Cubic Zirconia is colorless and they don’t have any kind of tints like a diamond. They also don’t have any black spots and imperfections as in diamonds. Even though they are more perfect, still a diamond stands high. Nothing can match the beauty of the real diamond. This clears that cubic zirconia is real.

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