A Gold necklace is something that feels close to our hearts. Do you agree with me? When you buy your dream 14K gold necklace, you may have some doubts like whether my 14K gold necklace is real or not. It’s common, we all have doubts like this, and it’s not wrong to have doubts.

When you feel like it’s not real, why can you not test your gold necklace? It’s simple nowadays. You can check if your 14K gold necklace is real or not by following some methods. I’ll tell you the exact ways to find your 14K gold necklace in real or not.

1) Hallmark is the key

Have you ever noticed some numbers or letters in any of the gold jewelry? I bet you have come across this at least once in your lifetime. That number or letters are called Hallmark and it is used to verify whether your necklace is real or not. So always look out for the hallmark in your gold necklace.

There are 3 types of hallmarks. One type is a valid purity number under karat systems like 8K, 9K, 10K, 14K, 15K, 18K, 20K, 21K, 22K, 23K, 24k. Another type of valid Millesimal fitness system: 333, 375, 417, 583, 585, 625, 750, 833, 875, 916, 958 and 999.

Apart from this, you can see the manufacturer’s details. So these are all the real hallmarks. If you see any other numbers other than this, It is a fake necklace. So beware of this. You can easily find the hallmark symbol on the clasp of the necklace.

2) Float test

It is one of the easiest tests to find if your 14K gold necklace is real or not. Take a jug of water and drop your necklace into the jug. If you see a gold necklace floating, then it is a fake one. Real gold is heavy metal. So it always sinks in the test. So you can easily find the real one.

3) Vinegar test

For this test, you need a few drops of vinegar to your gold necklace. After a few minutes, if you see any changes it is fake. Rose 14K gold necklace won’t show any changes.

4) Magnet test

In this test, we will be using a magnet to test whether it is real or not. Real gold is not attracted to magnets. So, this is the key. If your necklace is attracted to a magnet, then it is a fake one. So do your test now.

5) Nitric acid test

This one is the popular test for finding whether a gold necklace is real or not. To perform this test, you need nitric acid. As nitric acid is explosive, use only with precautions. By using a nail file, gently scratch a tiny part of the necklace.

Then take a small drop of nitric acid and drop it on the scratched portion. Now, notice whether there is any reaction to the necklace. If there is no reaction, it is the real one. But If you find any green color changes, probably it is some other metals or gold plated ones. This method will help you. If you are not sure about nitric acid, then don’t use it.

6) Seek experts help

If you did a test by previous methods but still have some doubts, just reach out to a trusted jewelry dealer. They will perform some tests and easily tell you whether your 14K gold necklace is real or not.

Hope this one helps you. Share this with your friends and help them to find if your gold jewelry is real or fake.

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