What Is Kendra Scott Jewelry and Where Can I Buy It?

Kendra Scott, an entrepreneur, and designer with a strong sense of purpose launched the company in 2002. After a few years, Scott has been able to expand her company into a worldwide corporation that is centered on family, fashion, and charitable giving. In addition to providing jewelry for all occasions, including charms and home décor, Kendra Scott Jewelry has become well-known for its trendy, one-of-a-kind items that make current trends really accessible.

Designing her jewelry in Austin, Texas, Kendra Scott uses high-end materials such as gold, silver, and rhodium, as well as semi-precious gemstones, to create her unique creations. The majority of these pieces, which have filigree workmanship and geometric designs, draw attention to the inherent beauty of the stones. Its iconic, distinctive pieces serve as a solid base for the brand, but it keeps its collections fresh by incorporating new colors and trends, as well as novel materials.

Kendra Scott jewelry is of exceptional quality and may be worn in a variety of situations. Stacking rings and layered necklaces are some of the accessory styles that may be worn with them. Their designs are also prominently displayed at high-end department shops such as Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom.

Kendra Scott Jewelry has the following characteristics:

The name of the company is connected with reasonably priced and aesthetically pleasing jewelry.
Luxury items are made more accessible by using natural materials such as gemstones, pearls, and shells, in addition to glass stones and lab-grown materials in the creation of the jewelry lines. A number of its earrings, pendant necklaces, bracelets, and rings are priced under $100, to name a few examples.

Kendra Scott Jewelry is known for creating unique, high-quality items that are updated season after season.
Kendra Scott is well-known for its high-quality products and forward-thinking designs. Trends are also reflected in the brand’s chain bracelets, multistrand necklaces, threader earrings, and geometric items, which are all available. The fact that several of their designs have been featured on the runways of Oscar de la Renta’s Spring 2006 and Randolph Duke’s Spring 2007 shows demonstrates that they are more than just another jewelry manufacturer.


Their jewelry is crafted of precious metals and natural stones, and each item is unique.
While the majority of Kendra Scott’s pieces are made of gold-plated brass, others are made of sterling silver, gold, and even gold vermeil, elevating them to the level of heirlooms. These high-quality materials are worth the price since they are long-lasting and may be re-used several times in a variety of applications.

Customers may customize their jewelry with the Color BarTM experience.
Whether it’s a set of earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, or a ring, the brand allows you to completely personalize your jewelry item, from the design to the metal, gemstone, and color of your choosing. An in-store and online experience where you can express your individuality via the accessories you choose to wear.

Women who are fashion-forward and style influencers rely on this brand for their wardrobe-essentials.
Style bloggers and influencers like the brand because it provides them with the opportunity to experiment with high-low styling. Kendra Scott’s designs are also quite flexible, with its signature pieces serving to match current fashion trends.

The company is committed to giving back to the community and making a good difference in it.
Kendra Scott has made an effort to make a difference in the areas of health, education, entrepreneurship, and women’s empowerment. One of its collections, the Shop for Good, gives back to the causes and organizations that it supports. A part of the revenues from this collection is used to assist children and women unlock possibilities and live their most empowered lives.

Jewelry by Kendra Scott is of high quality.

The jewelry items from this firm are created in a range of designs using high-quality metals and gemstones that are meant to endure a long time.

Kendra Scott Metals is a jewelry design company founded by Kendra Scott.
If you’re seeking a material that will last a lifetime, pure gold jewelry from Kendra Scott is a great choice. Its Fine Jewelry line is comprised of 14k solid gold pieces in a variety of colors, including yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Contrary to the Fashion Jewelry collection, which is composed of brass as the base material with rhodium, gunmetal, 14k yellow gold or 14k rose gold plating applied on top, this collection is not constructed of brass.

There are also sterling silver and gold vermeil pieces available, which are cheaper but still of good quality. There’s no denying that sterling silver jewelry is both durable and ideal for daily use in most situations. 18-karat gold vermeil is a sterling silver alloy that has been plated with gold. In comparison to the brand’s fashion jewelry, gold vermeil pieces have a thicker coating that is more robust and resistant to indications of wear.

Luminous silver metal, which is a combination of silver, rhodium, and copper, has been developed by the firm, giving it a lighter look than traditional silver. There’s also a gunmetal finish for a more edgy aesthetic if you like something dark and brooding. Metal jewelry items made of gunmetal are cast in brass and then layered with gunmetal, which is a combination of zinc, tin, and copper.

Kendra Scott Jewelry & Gemstones

In Kendra Scott collections, you’ll find a variety of natural gemstones, including amethyst and rose quartz, as well as smokey quartz and turquoise, lapis lazuli and chalcedony, citrine, and cat’s eye. Other natural gemstones included include malachite, labradorite, hematite, obsidian, and moonstone. Additionally, cultivated and baroque pearls, mother-of-pearl, abalone shell, and other natural materials are used in the creation of its jewelry items.

When Kendra Scott Fine Jewelry designs her collections, she uses diamonds that are almost colorless and have a little amount of inclusion. Among the company’s other products are black diamond jewelry and rings, which are a fashionable alternative to colorless diamonds in terms of style. The color of these jewels is derived from mineral inclusions such as hematite or graphite, which are further intensified by heat treatment.


One feature that distinguishes Kendra Scott Jewelry is the usage of drusy quartz, which is available in a variety of hues including platinum, black, rose gold, iridescent, and multicolored variants. The surface of these stones is covered with small dazzling crystals, giving them a distinctive and lovely appearance. In order to replicate the beauty of real opal, the business also employs Kyocera Opal, which is a lab-grown stone that gives an unexpected glitter to jewelry items. Kyocera Opal is used to mirroring the beauty of genuine opal.

If you’re looking to glam up whatever ensemble you’re wearing for the day, this Elyse Ring is the piece for you. An excellent feature of this piece is the inclusion of iridescent drusy quartz, which is adaptable enough to be worn with a beloved party dress or a pair of jeans on a more relaxed day. Consider the 18k gold vermeil double band ring in turquoise or malachite for a more ethereal look that will have you feeling like a sea queen.

What Is It About Kendra Scott Jewelry That Is So Special?

Aside from creating jewelry designs that are adaptable, high quality, and one-of-a-kind, the business is also inventive in the way it crafts its jewelry pieces using a variety of materials and processes.

Dichroic Glass Jewelry is a kind of jewelry made of dichroic glass.
A third one-of-kind material that Kendra Scott uses in her jewelry is dichroic glass, which creates an ethereal kaleidoscope look in her earrings and necklaces. In order to manufacture the material, layers of iridescent foil are sandwiched between two pieces of glass. It is sometimes used to enhance the iridescence of actual gemstones by being put underneath them. In this Kendra Scott necklace, you can see an example of dichroic glass in action.

vory and mother

Ivory and mother-of-pearl jewelry items by Kendra Scott are created utilizing the illusion process, which involves layering a colorful substance over a shell to create distinct color and depth. Their Sky Blue Illusion is created from fine cracking of shells that have been fused with a colored resin, giving the shells a unique gloss that contrasts with their natural appearance. Here’s an example of this method in action on a pendant by Kendra Scott.

Creating a Filigree Jewelry Design is an art form.
Originally derived from architectural inspiration, the delicate, lace-like structure of filigree has evolved into a characteristic accent for the brand’s line, paying respect to an old skill. It may be found on earrings, gemstone settings, bracelets, cuffs, and rings, among other things. This set of earrings from Kendra Scott’s line is a beautiful example of filigree work in the jewelry industry.

Hammered metal may be seen in a variety of statement pieces.
If you’re like subtle boho vibes, the hammered finish in their charm and jewelry lines will be just up your street. The brand employs a metal method to make items that are both unique and textured, while yet seeming beautiful and organic in appearance.

Kendra Scott Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Kendra Scott’s Mood Stones and How Do They Work?

Taking inspiration from the mood ring trend that was popular in the 1990s, the brand has created its own collection of mood rings and charms. Technically speaking, its mood stones are created by layering faceted glass atop heat-changing paper, which causes the color of the stones to vary based on the temperature of your body.

What Is It About Kendra Scott’s Charms That Makes Them Unique?

With a wide range of designs to pick from, it’s simple to customize your jewelry items and make them a reflection of your individuality. From chain bracelets to necklace pendants and hoop earrings, you may accessorize your Kendra Scott jewelry with as many charms as you choose. Sterling silver, 14k gold, and 18k gold vermeil are all options for these earrings.

If you want to show off your initials, the firm offers alphabet charms that range from A to Z in size. There are also some gorgeous sets of zodiac charms and healing stones on the site that would make wonderful gifts for loved ones. Consider animal charms and state charms if you want a more whimsical look.

Additionally, locket charms for bracelets and necklaces are available to hold mementos of your loved ones with you. If you wish to make a difference, consider purchasing one of the brand’s philanthropic charms, which support a variety of charities to assist people in living their most empowered lives.

Is it possible for Kendra Scott’s jewelry to tarnish?

Kendra Scott’s 14k solid gold jewelry pieces are resistant to scratching and tarnishing, making them great for daily use in the workplace or on vacation. Sterling silver items, on the other hand, tarnish regardless of the quality of the piece. A soft polishing cloth, on the other hand, may readily remove tarnishing from metal without damaging it.

Even if a piece of gold vermeil jewelry is of high quality, it is possible for the plating to fade with use. Because it is constructed of brass that has been coated with rhodium or 14k gold, the plating is likely to wear off more quickly than the gold vermeil used in fashion jewelry. Even so, Kendra Scott jewelry has a lengthy shelf life and is generally considered to be well worth the money invested.

Is it okay to take a shower while wearing Kendra Scott’s jewelry?

Always take off your costume jewelry before bathing, swimming, or exercising, regardless of whether it is from Kendra Scott or another brand of costume jewelry. Even though your 14k gold jewelry is quite durable, exposure to seawater, chlorine, and hair treatments may cause the metal to lose its luster. Every piece of plated jewelry will eventually lose its plating due to wear and tear, but improper treatment will cause the plating to be removed sooner.

When properly cared for, Kendra Scott’s jewelry may last for years. Additionally, they have outstanding return and exchange policies, which means you can always take advantage of them if your jewelry item isn’t functioning as well as you had hoped.

How to Identify Genuine Kendra Scott Jewelry

Shop on the Kendra Scott website or on their Amazon store to ensure that you are purchasing genuine Kendra Scott merchandise. Its designs are also available at Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s, among other stores. You can also purchase Kendra Scott jewelry pieces from authorized retail partners such as Helen of New York, Stitch Fix, Rent the Runway, The Jeweler’s Wife, Balfour, Rocks Box, Lavishly Hip, Zappos, Revolve Clothing, and Zulily, LLC. You can also purchase Kendra Scott jewelry pieces online at

Is the jewelry of Kendra Scott worth anything?

The worth of Kendra Scott jewelry items is determined by the kind of piece you purchase as well as the quality of the piece. All of their exquisite jewelry items are constructed of 14k solid gold or sterling silver, which are more costly but also have a longer shelf life and hold their worth better over time.

Alternatively, its fashion jewelry items are created utilizing high-end metals, natural stones, and high-quality materials to create a luxurious look. Despite the fact that they are more inexpensive, they do not have the same worth as pieces made of precious metals and gemstones.

What is it about Kendra Scott that makes her so popular?

Aside from the high-quality items and innovative designs offered by the business, Kendra Scott enables customers to choose and customize a piece that complements their own style. It’s wonderful to put on something that expresses a little bit of your individuality, whether it’s a particular style, color, or metal of preference.

Aside from that, their collections enable you to purchase within your budget without compromising on quality and design. Simply choose the same jewelry design but in a variety of metals and gemstones. For example, the classic Elisa necklace may be purchased for as little as $50 if it is made of silver metal and amethyst, but it can cost as much as $995 if it is made of 14k gold and pave diamonds.

The jewelry designer Kendra Scott is a one-stop-shop for customized presents, whether you’re looking for birthstone jewelry or want to create a piece that incorporates features that speak to the recipient’s own taste. After all, someone will appreciate the fact that you went the additional mile to make their present unique.

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