There are so many factors in play when it comes to the pricing of jewelry that there are no clear ‘ideal’ seasons to purchase a diamond engagement ring. Jewelers may run special campaigns to sell certain items, but even these are not seasonal. For example, although winter discounts are typical with internet jewelers, they are not limited to diamond rings.

Making a Long-Term Investment

When you buy a diamond engagement ring for your lover, you’re making a long-term promise to stay at each other’s side and make your relationship work for the rest of your life. There may be days and nights when the relationship isn’t the fairy tale loving marriage we’ve always hoped for, but marrying your best friend is worth the battle and makes life a lot better. If you’re certain she’s the one for you and believe she feels the same, it’s time to start looking at engagement rings.

Budget Calculation

While conventional wisdom holds that the engagement ring should cost around three months’ income, there are no hard and fast rules regarding pricing. Many individuals are just ignorant that a custom-made band is no more expensive than an existing ring, and that you may design the ring yourself. Most bespoke jewelers utilize computerized 3D imaging systems to produce a ring design on the screen, and with the client’s input, the right design may be decided upon, and then the jeweler can bid for the job.

Keep in mind that your spouse will be upset if you spend all of your money on the ring. You might debate this jointly if you don’t mind losing the element of surprise. There are educational blogs on the subject of engagement ring costs that you may visit for additional information.

Prompt Notice

When searching for a diamond engagement ring, there are generally three options. The first is to have the ring handmade by a jeweler, the second is to purchase a ring for sale, and the third is to pick an antique ring, which is a popular choice. Creating a ring for her may be the ideal option, particularly when it comes to acquiring the precise ring characteristics you want for the money you’ve set up.

Going bespoke is the ultimate romantic gesture, producing a ring that is genuinely one-of-a-kind, and you have the ideal option with unique handcrafted engagement rings in Sydney from an experienced custom jeweler. However, if you choose to design the engagement ring yourself, you will need to allocate at least one month to design and produce the ring. Some custom jewelers work quicker than others, and this may be down to the number of projects the jeweler is presently working on, but the sooner you submit an inquiry, the better.

Wedding Planning

If you desire a summer wedding, you could always select Christmas as the engagement date, giving you ample time to complete all of the necessary plans, or you may choose an autumn wedding, in which case the spring would be a great time to make the union semi-official. Of course, you must be confident that your spouse shares your sentiments; nevertheless, most couples freely discuss their future together, so you may prepare with confidence. Whatever you both decide, it will be an occasion you will remember for the rest of your lives, so go ahead and do what makes you both happy.

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