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Fine jewelry is a costly item these days, with gemstone and gold values having tripled, if not quadrupled, in the previous century.

Walmart makes everything accessible and inexpensive, but you may be wondering: Is Walmart jewelry real? Are those gems genuine? Is their gold genuine? Here’s the solution you’re looking for.

Is Walmart Jewelry Still Available in 2022?

Walmart jewelry is genuine and believed to be on par with the jewelry found at a mall jewelry shop. Though the gold and diamonds are entirely genuine, customers should be warned that Walmart often carries low-grade versions of each, neither of which comes with third-party certification attesting to quality.

Continue reading to find out whether Walmart gold and diamonds are genuine if Walmart is a decent location to purchase an engagement ring, and if Walmart jewelry can color your finger green.

Is Walmart Gold Genuine Gold?

Walmart gold is genuine gold, but before you run out and load up on their cheap necklaces, read the whole of this.

The Simply Gold line is perhaps the greatest illustration of Walmart’s attitude to gold.

The name suggests that this is a straightforward assortment of high-quality gold items at very reasonable pricing.

The great bulk of their gold, though, is 10-karat. At this karat, only around 40% of the metal is gold; the remaining 60% is made up of other metals.

Another item to keep an eye out for is the acronyms GP, RGP, GEP, and so on.

While they seem to be benign, they suggest that the item of jewelry is really gold-plated.

That implies the piece’s core is made of another metal, with a thin layer of gold placed on top to give it a gold appearance.

If you look closely at Walmart’s jewelry, you’ll see some genuine items that aren’t gold-plated and may even be 12Kor 14K.

Are Walmart Diamonds Genuine?

Walmart’s diamonds are genuine diamonds, but they come with certain qualifiers, much like the retailer’s gold.

According to a former shop assistant at a high-end jewelry store, Walmart’s diamond selection is limited to middle-grade stones.

“I would also look at how the stones are placed; prongs are often uneven and will snag on textiles,” she notes.

According to an expert on, Walmart offers actual diamonds, but “…they often sell…the lousy stuff.”

In his perspective, Walmart’s diamonds are no better than “costume jewelry.”

He also says there’s not much prospect of reselling Walmart’s diamond jewelry since it’s already so cheap and the quality isn’t worth it to appraisers.

If you purchase a Walmart diamond, it is quite improbable that you will ever see a financial return on your investment.

Walmart also sells synthetic diamonds and stones that resemble diamonds (for example, white topaz, cubic zirconia, and so on).

To their credit, Walmart makes no effort to mislead customers, and these diamond-lookalikes are plainly labeled both in-store and online.

Is Walmart a good place to shop for engagement rings?

Pompeii3 is a brand that you’ll notice a lot of on Walmart’s website.

This business offers stunning engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and more at unbelievable costs.

(For $1500, consider a one-and-three-fourths carat diamond engagement ring set in 14K white gold.)

Prices like these have caused some to ponder whether they would be better off purchasing their wedding sets from Walmart rather than a high-end fine jeweler.

So, how does Pompeii3 manage to offer things at such a cheap price?

The devil, once again, is in the details.

What seems attractive on paper or on television does not fulfill the real fine jewelry industry requirements.

For example, the industry standard for gold is 18K. And Pompeii3’s diamonds are often of the lowest grade.

What are the possibilities that the gems will be appraised fairly?

The only way for it to happen is for Pompeii3 to send their gems to a third-party appraiser, much like high-end jewelers.

Then there’s the matter of the location. As previously stated, the quality of Walmart’s diamond settings is a problem.

Consider handing your fiancée a ring only to have the prong grab her favorite sweater!

Worse, a prong may be so weak that it completely breaks, putting the stone at danger.

You’ll have to pay to have it repaired, which might cost you more than you saved on the inexpensive diamond. Otherwise, if the diamond falls out, she will lose it.

Is Walmart Jewelry causing your finger to turn green?

Walmart gold jewelry should not turn your finger green.

If it turns your finger green and you believed it was genuine gold, you should look up the item’s description online to make sure you didn’t receive gold-plated.

If you’re interested in learning more about Walmart’s jewelry, check out our linked stories on if Walmart wedding rings are fake or genuine, the Walmart jewelry return policy, and whether Walmart resizes rings.


While Walmart’s gold and diamond jewelry is genuine when indicated, you definitely get what you pay for.

Because of the cheaper pricing, the gold is lower karat, and the diamonds often have numerous imperfections and will not appear like the spectacular photographs.

However, if you’re looking for excellent jewelry on a budget, Walmart’s actual jewelry can save you a lot of money, as long as you recognize the quality trade-off.

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