History of Wedding Jewelry In London

Jewelry is the tool of adornment which is used universally. The history of jewelry varies from country to country. But the history and ancient tradition of London are exclusive because the people of London still follow many traditional practices.

The history of Landon jewelry is very interesting as the other traditions. The past of London jewelry is the absolute source of inspiration. They always adopted stunning styles and come up with distinct and timeless designs.

Moreover, the ancient London jewelers produced necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings which demonstrated the historical pedigree with their classic designs. Here we will explain some in-depth history of London jewelry in various generations;

Roman London

Romans primarily gave the concept of diamond jewelry. A considerable amount of earliest Roman jewelry was constructed with gold, after the influence of Etruscan tastes and earlier Greeks, they started to focus on intricate metalwork, while some jewelry was made in iron, silver, and copper alloys.

Although during Roman times (c. 508-27 BC), jewelry was extensively interpreted as a pretentious and worthless luxury. Right through the Imperial era (c.27 BC-1453 AD), the world of fashion jewelry become bloom.

In earlier ancient times, Roman jewelry remained alive for a longer period time.

Anglo-Saxon London

After the decline of the Roman Empire by the earlier 5th century, Anglo-Saxons started to rule. They wore different jewelry, including beaded necklaces, brooches, bracelets made from bronze, copper, silver, and gold.

They were mainly wearing this jewelry to show their rank and wealth. Anglo- Saxon jewelry was diverse and lavish; they used gold for most of their jewelry items like bracelets, necklaces.

Amethysts and Amber were the popular gemstones of ancient times. However, the expertise and artistry of the time produced amazing gold jewelry, which set Anglo-Saxon jewelry design.

Victorian & Edwardian London

During the Victorian & Edwardian, London’s jewelry makes the business on a broader level. This period was they use advanced technology in the field of jewelry which had boosted the artistic field of jewelry. 

Victorian & Edwardian times jewelry is also known as neo-Gothicism and Romanticism. The styles and techniques which they have used in their jewelry indicated the romance of the Middle Ages.

Many designs and fashioned in the McGee jewelry are inspired by Victorian times. No doubt, jewelry making is the passion of McGee; furthermore, the most dominant element of all affairs is the intense historical tradition, which you can see in our jewelry.

McGee Offers Historic Jewelry in London

McGee is honored to be the best jewelry company, which provides its services almost in your city. From taking inspiration from ancient jewelry designs and combine it with the latest technology to make your jewelry more unique and attractive.

That’s the reason McGee constantly gains popularity just because of its unbelievable unique and antique designs.


Therefore, if you want jewelry with historical heritage design or demonstration of any specific period’s style, we are confident that we will provide you perfect balance of antique and innovative design of jewelry.

You can visit us at McGee stories to explore more pieces of jewelry that indicate the tradition and ancient stories that have inspired jewelry lovers for a longer time. 

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