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2.04 Carat Genuine Blue Sapphire .925 Sterling Silver Pendant

Precious stones, such as diamonds, are adored by everyone. Jewelry enthusiasts all around the globe like dressing up in designs that make the greatest use of these precious stones and other jewels so that they may show off their style in the best manner possible.


The market is buzzing these days, with a rock reaching new heights of appeal just because it was a part of the most prestigious bride of the century, the new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Since her royal wedding with Prince of Wales, William, was announced, everyone has been keeping up with all that is going on in relation to the wedding and its preparations. Everyone was taken aback when they saw Kate Middleton’s beautiful engagement ring. The royal bride looked beautiful in the ring, which was made of 18-carat sapphire and 14 smaller white diamonds that were all encrusted around the big dazzling gemstone in the center. “The ring is beautiful,” says jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer Maguire, whose clients include Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Katie Holmes. It has been worn by the world’s most renowned princess and will be worn by the world’s next most famous princess.”


It is known that the ring belonged to the late Princess Diana and was presented to royal bride Kate Middleton, who is expected to succeed her. Kate is entitled to be addressed as the next Princess after marrying Prince William. It is even predicted that she would surpass the esteem and renown of Princess Diana and other royal entities. Princess Diana was considered to be the pinnacle of beauty and elegance, and royal bride Kate Middleton looked beautiful and exquisite while wearing her sapphire and white diamond ring. For a time, it seemed as though she was resurrecting Princess Diana’s splendor. Despite the fact that the royal wedding has been widely publicized, the market is still abuzz over Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. It has been claimed that designers all around the globe are in high demand for a replica of this ring. Everyone wants to wear a duplicate of Kate’s engagement ring. And the Chinese jewelry sector is doing a fantastic job of meeting such needs. It has been claimed that jewelry makers are hard at work creating more of these rings; they are even using gemstones other than sapphire to create a variation in patterns and appearances. It is expected that these rings will be in high demand in the market, and not only because of the ring itself.


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Blue Sapphire

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