After starting in Charlotte, North Carolina, McGee Company Jewelry has extended its operations to the rest of the globe. North Carolina was the birthplace of the company, and the state’s rich history has had a significant impact on it. The ability to make unique and creative designs is included. Every problem the company has had from its beginning has been a learning lesson. The company has had many ups and downs in the past. He, however, has always stood strong against all of his adversaries. All credit for this victory goes to the McGee Jewelry audience and co-founders. They found the company and worked to build it up to where it is now.

Who created McGee Company Jewelry?

Terra and Quamane McGee, who co-founded McGee Company Jewelry in 1998, are both creative directors and founders. The two founders are linked by a marriage and support each other in everything they accomplish. The couple both work in the jewelry design business. It was therefore extremely easy for them to start a company that makes original and unique jewelry designs.

Quamane McGee was born and raised on a farm in Waynesboro, Georgia, where he spent his whole childhood. His parents made ends meet by working the land. His early life was a struggle for him and his siblings. He’s also the brother of two other successful people: Dominick McGee and Marquel Sello. With his well-known name in politics, Dominick McGee has a distinguished reputation. Marquel Sello is a fantastic oil tycoon, too. The fact that his grandparents were jewelers helped foster Quamane’s interest in jewelry and its design, as he grew up.

From a young age, he dreamed of launching his own jewelry company. It is because of this that he has a great sense of taste when it comes to jewelry. Following his graduation from Burke County High School in Waynesboro, GA, Quamane completed his degree requirements. Boston University provided him both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration, and thus completed his schooling. His wife at the time of his wedding was Terra McGee.

Quamane McGee and Terra McGee’s family facts.

Terra McGee was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia. Her secondary education took place in her hometown’s westside high school. She is now enrolled at Augusta University, where she further studied Cell and Molecular Biology. She continued her education at Northern University, where she focused on robotics engineering in graduate school. The latter relationship was with Quamane.


Quamane and Terra both have a creative and inventive mindset that they used to get their professions and companies off the ground. These people grasp which designs are unique and which are the most current fashion trends. The company is also a stereotype and record broker, on top of its other functions. A host of gorgeous and well-crafted jewelry products has recently been launched by them. The couple and the company alike are happy with their success and the plans they have for the next several years. What really matters to them is if their customers are satisfied with their purchases.


McGee Jewelry is stocked with a large assortment of jewelry pieces. Their jewelry is stunning and affordable. Do you need Cuban link chains, rings, or whole jewelry sets, or do you want earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants? There is no need to continue looking. You’ve found the exact place you were searching for. McGee Jewelry is the place to shop for men’s jewelry, including gold hoop earrings.

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