5.30 Carat Genuine Swiss Blue Topaz .925 Sterling Silver Earrings

Topaz, particularly London blue topaz, will be discussed in this gemstone series. As you read, you’ll take up facts, history, and more.

What exactly is Topaz?
London blue topaz is a dark blue topaz with a medium to the dark tone and saturation that comes from the extremely diverse range of Topaz hues. London blue topaz is more precious and popular on the market than Swiss blue topaz.

Natural blue topaz seems to be uncommon since natural topaz is usually colorless. As a result, the majority of blue topaz on the market today has been treated with radiation.

They expose topaz to radiation in a nuclear reactor to create the hue. When exposed to rapid neutrons, the radiation alters the color centers of the stone, resulting in a deep blue hue. Other stones require further heat treatment to soften the inky hue.

Many individuals have expressed worries about the safety of blue topaz owing to radiation; nevertheless, there are stringent consumer protection laws in place. Companies that treat gemstones with radiation, for example, must be licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the United States. Furthermore, since these diamonds are radioactive, they must be kept for months until the radiation is reduced to a safe level.

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