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The first thing every buyer notices about a company and their products is the price tag even if the products they sell are great in jewelry quality and the offers they make are also considerable. If a company’s prices aren’t affordable it won’t be able to withstand the competition in the market. However, if the prices are considerable and the customer care services they provide to the customers are good enough along with the quality of the products they sell. The company will be able to take a position in the market.

McGee jewelry made a good position in the market and with that, we have acquired some competitors in the market. Before you buy any jewelry item, you must compare the price, quality, services every company offers to their customers. Well, we are here to make your work easier. Here are some comparisons among McGee Company Jewelry, Walmart, and Macy’s.  

Well, the three of us do not have different jewelry pieces. Instead, we have almost the same collection. The only difference that matters is the price, quality, and promises.

Jewelry quality

The product quality of the products we sell is significant. How are we so sure about that? Well, all the jewelry we sell online or offline at our stores goes through several tests which other companies may not process. Some are purity checks while some are firmness checks, some are strongness checks, while some are shine checks. Moreover, all the products are first used by the female staff of ours. If they do not take any flaws out of the jewelry, we consider it perfect only then. 

Price comparison

The prices that we offer to our customers are pretty reasonable and affordable compared to our other competitors. Many of our jewelry collections match that of the other two companies. However, we have distinct collections too. The designs that we all share are some of the in-trend jewelry designs. Otherwise, every other jewelry piece we sell is unique. The jewelry prices are less in comparison to others. Because we own less profit on every product that the other companies collect. 

Mcgee jewelry Services

The services we offer as a company to our customers and their contribution to developing our society as a part of it matters a lot. For customer support, we offer several services that any other company does not provide. For instance- we allow our customers to personalize their jewelry or wedding rings if they do not find any suitable jewelry for themselves in our collection. We have a large customer care support team to help you choose the jewelry according to your choice and to clear your doubts. The people choosing the unique designs we make our young people acknowledge with all the latest trends and in-fashion jewelry. There are many more services we provide to our customers. 

Moreover, to help our society grow and rise out of the boundaries of the stereotypical world- we offer the same wages to all the genders working with us. We manufacture both women’s and men’s jewelry which are considered unwearable for men. For instance, a necklace for men. 

mcgee jewelry


Here are all the essential comparisons and things you need to know about our company and the other two companies. The prices as explained above are much more affordable than the other two. All the products that we offer are of higher quality jewelry as they are gone under chemical and real-life tests. Furthermore, the services we provide and how we help our society grow and rise out of stereotypical boundaries are done by no other company. 

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