Well, diamond rings with the perfect cut you like can become the best gift you could receive from your partner. The cut of the diamond of your ring decides how your hand looks? Or for how many years it won’t be outdated. Because stones are also the same, they all sparkle the same, and people mine from the same earth. The cut of the diamond creates all the difference. For many years now, the round cut has been a famous one.

However, many cuts came in between overtime and then became outdated. Here are some of the latest diamond engagement ring cuts that are pretty, in trend, and will give your hand a lovely look. Unquestionably this is all you want. So without wasting any more time, let’s jump into the topic:-

Round cut– diamond engagement rings

Round diamond engagement rings cut can never go wrong and will never be out of trend. The cut is in trend since the invention and is always a great option to go for. The round cut of your engagement ring gives your hand a simple and healthy look. Also, it shines bright in the light and you can be worn with anything- casual or heavy, formal or informal. A round cut doesn’t only mean a single diamond. You can undoubtedly go for two or three stone settings with rounded shapes. 

Cushion cut 

The cushion cut diamond engagement rings are yet another cut you can choose for your engagement rings, and undoubtedly the cut won’t upset you as your groom will place it on your finger. The cushion cut gives your hand a rich look. This cut again would never go out of trend, thanks to its square-cut and round ends that increase the stone’s brilliancy as you look at it. The cut took its place in the 19th century when every woman had a cushion cut ring in her hand. Lately, the trend has come back and gained its fandom again. The cushion-cut ring looks just perfect in modern times.

Oval cut– diamond engagement rings

The oval cut is just a better version of the round cut. It is as popular as the round cut if we talk about the diamond engagement rings. It has many similarities to the round cut. The oval diamond engagement rings shine as bright as the round cut diamond ring shines. It can never go out of trend and will make your hand look classy and wealthy. However, the ring’s oval must be cut adequately, or it will be a problem for you. You can surely go for the oval cut if you use a simple yet classy design. 

Marquise cut

Marquise cut is also popularly known as navette cut, and it is known for its regal feel. It is a very different cut from the rest of the famous ones. The cut is marked by pointed ends and curved sides, which gives a ring a distinctive look from all the other cuts. Furthermore, If you choose the marquise cut for your engagement ring, you shouldn’t fear being out of fashion some years after your marriage. No, this cut is a unique one and has no chance to run out of the trend. Moreover, make sure that the stone is set correctly in the frame as due to the pointed end, it has a chance of stone breakage in the near future. 

Our service

If you are a bride-to-be and do not know which diamond engagement ring cut to choose, there are plenty of cuts to choose from apart from the above ones. Many brides know which cut they like and want, which would suit them best. However, if this is not the case with you, if your mind is jumble about which cut to ask for, you can talk to our experts, and they will guide you accordingly about which cut will suit you best. 

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