While purchasing a new necklace is thrilling, it is important to consider not just the pendant’s appearance but also the chain’s length. Chain length must be considered in relation to things other than your dress and personal style. Necklaces and chains are available in industry-standard lengths; five for ladies and four for men. This helpful guide will aid you in choosing the appropriate necklace length to highlight your jewels, enhance your best features, complement your body type, and frame your face. When worn properly, jewelry may bring attention to your finest attributes and deflect attention away from traits you’d prefer to conceal. Our chains do not include the pendant’s size; you should choose one that is between 1-2 inches in length.

Chain Length Calculator

Consider the Following When Choosing the Necklace Chain Length

The first step is to determine the location of various necklace lengths on the body for men and women. This will aid you in determining the chain length that you prefer.

Necklace Lengths for Women That Are Standard

Necklaces for women are often available in even-inch lengths. Utilize this chart to determine the proper placement of each necklace length on the typical woman’s body.

Position of the Necklace’s Length on the Body

Necklace 14″

Fits similarly to a choker and tightly wraps around the neck

Necklace 16″

Like a collar, it fits exactly around the base of the neck. It drapes freely around the neck and falls just below the collarbone of a tiny lady. On a plus-size woman, it may resemble a choker.

Necklace 18″

A popular option for ladies, this collarbone piece rests beautifully on the collarbone.

The necklace is 20″ in length and falls just below the collarbone.

The necklace is 22″ in length and hangs at or just over the top of the bust.

Men’s Standard Necklace Lengths

Utilize this guide to determine the placement of various chain lengths on an average-sized guy.

Position of the Necklace’s Length on the Body

Necklace 18″

It is positioned near the base of the neck (for smaller neck sizes).

Necklace, 20″

The collarbone is reached (the most common length for average men).

The necklace is 22″ in length and hangs a few inches below the collarbone.

The necklace is 24″ in length and hangs just over the sternum.

How to Choose the Appropriate Necklace Length for a Female Body

A well-chosen necklace may really transform an ensemble and serve as the main point of a woman’s physique. It is consequently critical to analyze how the necklace’s length complements your physique. It is critical to consider your neck, your height, your body type, and your facial shape while choosing the appropriate chain length for your necklace.

Neck Measurement

Take the time to measure your neck if possible before buying any necklace, but especially a choker. The simplest method for measuring your neck is to carefully wrap a soft measuring tape tightly around your neck. Add two inches to your neck measurement to create a comfortable length for chokers, which are typically 16 inches in length; add four inches to create an ideal length for a pendant or name necklace, which is often affixed to an 18-inch chain for women. Chokers work well for persons with long necks, while those with short necks are better off avoiding them.


Your height is another consideration when selecting the ideal necklace chain to complement your body shape. Necklace lengths of 16 to 20 inches look best on women under 5’4″. A lengthy necklace has a tendency to overpower a petite frame. Women who are between the heights of 5’4″ and 5’7″ may wear any length necklace. Women 5’7″ or above may wear any length necklace. Necklaces with longer chains look better on taller ladies since they enhance a tall frame.

Physical Characteristics

In terms of necklaces, keep in mind that people’s eyes will halt at the place where your necklace stops, so avoid necklaces that finish there if you don’t want them to. A long thin chain or a long layered chain would look fantastic on ladies with smaller busts. Necklaces that are longer than the breast line should be avoided by full-figured ladies, as they will not hang appropriately. Rather than that, go for a necklace that rests somewhat higher on the body, such as one that is 18 to 22 inches.

Shape of the Face

Apart from being an adornment, necklaces also serve to frame the face. As with body type, a necklace may help you emphasize your most prominent facial features and affect how people view your face.

Women with round features should avoid wearing short necklaces or chokers since they will emphasize their face’s roundness.

Oval-faced women may benefit from any necklace craze since they can wear practically any style, length, or kind of necklace.

Those with a long face shape who like to expand and soften their features can go for shorter necklaces. Necklaces that are short and circular will prevent you from increasing length. Choker and princess necklaces ranging between 16″ and 18″ are popular.

Chokers or any short necklaces work well with heart-shaped features because they offer a sense of fullness and balance out a narrow chin.

Chart of Face Shapes

Selecting the ideal necklace is like looking for the ideal pair of clothes. It’s important to analyze what flatters your body shape and not to make rash purchases based on current trends. At oNecklace, we offer a variety of chain lengths and necklace designs that you’re guaranteed to enjoy. Even better, they are all customizable!

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