Pink amethyst, unlike purple amethyst, is not a self-cleaning stone. If you want to perform serious energy work with this crystal for an extended length of time, you’ll need to maintain it cleaned and recharged while not in use.

Over time, energies pollute crystals. This may interfere with the stones’ ability to transmit their qualities in a healthy manner, perhaps compromising your own energy.

You may cleanse and recharge your pink amethyst at least once a month using any of the following methods:

On a wooden backdrop, a hand holds a raw pink amethyst gemstone.
Place pink amethyst in the garden for up to 48 hours.
Hold the pink amethyst under running water for a full minute before patting it dry with a cloth.
Every month, leave your stone beneath the full moon’s light, recovering it only the next morning.
Make a saturated salt water solution, then immerse your crystal in it. Allow it to sit for up to 24 hours.
Set the intention for purification while you pray or meditate over your stones.
Allow pink amethyst to charge for at least 48 hours on a bed of Himalayan salt.
Burn sage or sandalwood over your pink amethyst crystals, sending a cleaning intention from your mind’s eye.

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