Mens Twisted Link Necklace in 14k Two Tone Gold

Cuban link chains, even in the domain of high-end jewelry, are a show of luxury. This 18-karat gold chain retails for $27,000. Certain chains will cost ten times as much. A single chain may take up to 12 hours to produce and requires the knowledge of more than five competent jewelers. As a result, how are Cuban link chains formed? Is that why they are so costly? Someone had to spend 14 hours a day running hot steel through machinery, then manually twisting, filing, and polishing it. You are not only wearing a chain around your neck; you are also wearing the blood, sweat, tears, and passion of another person.

The origins of the Cuban link chain are obscure, although it most obviously did not originate in Cuba. It was a defining feature of hip-hop style in the 1970s and 1980s, and its popularity grew as hip-hop moved across the United States. However, not every Cuban link chain is identical. Many Cuban link chains are produced by machines in countries such as the United States, Italy, and China, but the most authentic – and expensive – are handmade in a few Miami establishments.

Gus Villalobos: At the top end of the Cuban link chain market, which is $50,000, $80,000, and $100,000, the chains must be handmade. One, as a result of the painstaking attention to detail. The file, the intimate ties.

Chino: It’s comparable to paying a visit to a Ferrari showroom. You may either buy a Ferrari off the showroom floor or have one built to your specifications. This is a real one-of-a-kind piece. Narrator: This chain requires 30 manual – and time-consuming – steps to complete. Your abilities, practice, and knowledge all contribute to your capabilities. I am unable to provide an exact figure for the whole planet. There are just a handful of persons, literally a few, in South Florida who are capable of doing this.

Not only is this a lengthy operation, but it is also dangerous. Chino and his colleagues melt the gold and form it into a bar using 1,000-degree flames. Chino: In this line of business, you must pay special attention to your actions. You’re going to do yourself damage if you make even one error. Individuals have lost their fingers in this field on occasion.

To make it thinner, the bar is rolled up to 12 times using a rolling machine. Each of Gold Fever Miami’s nine jewelers performs a unique function. One jeweler may spend over an hour extending wire to length on the stretch bench.

Chino: This is not sand; this is genuine gold. If you look carefully, you can see gold particles on my hands.

After that, the wire is wrapped around a copper rod to form the links. For smaller chains, a drill is adequate. On the other hand, larger ones demand the joint efforts of two jewelers. The procedure’s most crucial stage follows. Additionally, it takes the highest level of experience.

Gus: Soldering is the most challenging component of your job. In essence, you’re heating gold and adding solder right before it begins to degrade and melt. Solder is a kind of metal that is used to seal each connection permanently.

Gus: So it’s a delicate balancing act of delivering the appropriate amount of heat with the appropriate amount of expertise to ensure that when those two metals come into contact, the solder melts and fuses into the gold. As a result, if you wait too long, the whole transaction becomes liquid gold. If you do it too quickly, the solder will not melt properly and the connections will remain unconnected. You cannot screw it up otherwise the chain will develop holes. Additionally, you must be frightened to stop and restart.

It’s no secret that the price of gold has an effect on the price of these necklaces. Even if an ounce of gold costs $1,700 today, even the most costly Cuban links include some kind of metal. Gold is a very delicate material that is often too soft to be utilized alone to create jewelry. It must be alloyed with other metals. For instance, white gold is a gold alloy made up of white metals such as silver.


further to nickel These metals lubricate the gold, allowing it to be stretched and twisted during the jewelry manufacturing process. They may, however, be quite difficult to cope with. A single little action may have a significant effect. This is an unusual occurrence with white gold.

Gus: This is why it is so pricey. If one of these links breaks, you must return it to the soldering table, resell it, and then return it here to be rotated again.

After the links have been properly twisted and tightened, the chain will lie flat. Following that, a jeweler must file the chain to ensure that each side is level and similar.

Gus: This is where the jeweler’s passion comes into play, in terms of the beauty he can achieve with that shape.

However, it was only recently that these Cuban links became so desirable and profitable. Google Trends indicates that searches for Cuban link chains began to grow in 2012. In the last two years, Gold Fever Miami’s sales have surged 100fold. The business sold $2,000 worth of Cuban links each month. This amount has already exceeded $200,000. Whether you’re the world’s most famous rapper or a newcomer, you need jewelry to distinguish yourself as a rapper. If you wear jewelry, you may potentially have a Miami Cuban link chain.

Jay-Z wore one of the most costly Cuban links ever created in 2012, worth $200,000. A year later, Daddy Yankee presented his ten-kilogram Cuban link chain in a song video. And there is even greater excitement in the music industry right now.

Gus: They’re so ingrained in popular culture, particularly hip-hop and reggaeton. A rapper sporting a Miami Cuban link chain appears in almost every song with a music video.

Chino: It’s on the verge of becoming a status symbol. Customers have requested that we coordinate their Rolexes with their chains.

These variants are sometimes encrusted with diamonds, which naturally increases the price. On the other hand, Gus does not expect a decline in demand for chains of this size or smaller. By March 2021, we will be pumping between ten and fifteen kg every five days or every five weeks. And we continue to be unable to keep up with demand. We are still looking at a five-to-seven-week delay.

This, together with the high price of gold, indicates that prices are unlikely to decline very soon. My favorite part of the procedure has to be the polishing. It’s when you see the transformation of a gorgeous piece of metal into a lovely piece of jewelry. Additionally, this is the last stage, which means we are finished.

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