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So, diamond rings with the correct cut may be the greatest present from your spouse. Your ring’s diamond cut determines your hand’s shape? Or how long it will remain relevant. For the same reason, stones shine and humans mine from the same soil. The diamond’s cut makes all the difference. The round cut has long been popular.

But many cutbacks occurred between overtime and became obsolete. Here are some of the newest diamond engagement ring cuts that are trendy and will look great on your hand. Clearly, this is all you desire. In the meanwhile, let us get to the point:

Round cut– diamond rings

Round diamond engagement rings are timeless. The cut has been popular since its inception and is a fantastic choice. Your engagement ring’s circular shape provides your hand with a healthy appearance. It also sparkles brightly in the light and can be worn with anything, casual or dressy. A round cut isn’t just one diamond. You may choose two or three circular stone settings.

Trimming a
The cushion cut diamond engagement rings are another option, and the cut will not bother you when your groom places it on your finger. The cushion-cut accentuates your hand. The square-cut and round ends of this cut never go out of style, increasing the stone’s radiance. In the 19th century, every lady wore a cushion-cut ring. Recently, the trend has resurfaced. The cushion-cut ring is ideal for today.

Oval cut– diamond rings
The oval cut is just a superior circular cut. In terms of diamond engagement rings, it is as popular as the round. It resembles the circular cut. Oval diamond engagement rings sparkle as brightly as round cut diamond rings. It will never go out of style and will make your hand appear rich. But the ring’s oval must be carved properly otherwise it will be an issue. You may utilize an oval cut with a basic but elegant pattern.

The marquise cut, also known as the navette cut, has a royal air. It’s a unique cut among the renowned ones. The cut has pointy ends and curved sides, which distinguishes it from other cuts. Also, if you select the marquise cut for your engagement ring, you won’t go out of style after your wedding. No, this cut is unique and will never go out of style. Also, check that the stone is properly placed in the frame, since the pointed end may cause a stone fracture.

Our help

Aside from the aforementioned cuts, there are many more to select from if you are a future bride. Many brides know which cut they like and best suits them. That being said, if you are not sure which cut to request, you may consult our professionals who will advise you on the ideal cut for you.

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