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You’ve probably thought to yourself, “Oh, that chain necklace looks pretty cool for a cool dude,” when you saw DJ Khaled’s versatile gold link chain.

Yes, we all know what that is: a chain necklace. It’s the famous Cuban link chain. Necklace chains are the best of all necklace chain types when it comes to looking versatile and stylish.

Not only DJ Khaled, but almost every hip-hop artist and rapper has been photographed wearing this iconic one-of-a-kind link chain. The design is simply exceptional, and it is intended to outperform any other in a modern setting.

The Cuban necklace will be even more popular by 2020. In this blog, we’ll take a look at an exciting piece of jewelry that has won the hearts of most men who like to represent class and style.

We’re on our way!

14k Yellow Gold Light Miami Cuban Bracelet, 5.3mm
What is a Cuban link chain, exactly?

The pattern difference between a Cuban link chain and other types of cable chains is minimal. However, once you understand what distinguishes a Cuban connection, there is a significant difference. The Cuban chain is a subtle variation on the standard cable chains found in jewelry stores. The links in these chain necklaces are oval in shape. They are knitted tightly and closely together to form a rope-like pattern.

What is the difference between a Cuban and a Curb link chain?

Some people confuse the curb chain with a Cuban link chain. However, the two types of necklace chains are not the same. The Cuban necklace has a much rounder, bolder, and thicker appearance than the curb link chain. The curb chain has a thinner frame and a flatter wall. The weight of both types of chain necklaces is used to classify them. A 10k gold Cuban link chain with dimensions of 10 mm and 26′′ in length weighs approximately 200 grams. A curb link chain of the exact dimensions will weigh only 70 grams. There is a notable distinction between the two types of necklace chains. People who prefer a heavier necklace will be drawn to the gold Cuban link chain.

The start of the Cuban link chain

The Cuban link, also known as the Miami link chain, is probably familiar to you. There is a reason for this. This is due to the fact that these necklace chain styles emerged in Miami during a rapid movement in the early 1970s. The hip-hop jewelry movement that was popular in Miami at the time gave way to the Cuban necklace that we see today. Many hip-hop artists and fashionistas now wear custom Cuban chains around their necks.

Why is the Cuban connection gaining popularity?

Miami Cuban Bracelet 11mm 14k Yellow Gold Semi-Solid
In today’s fashion world, there are many different chain necklaces, but only a few, such as the gold Cuban link chain, have a place. It is not necessary to think outside the box to understand why this is the case. Despite the fact that other curbs and cable chains have a strong and endearing appearance, the Cuban link takes the top spot due to its cultural significance. Furthermore, the sleek and appealing design of these necklace chain types is what attracts people to them.

If you have a modern outlook, this chain fits the bill due to its massive celebrity following. Cuban necklaces will also benefit you if you have a traditional outlook. The chain’s twisty cable-like design highlights the traditional aspect of the gold Cuban link chain. As a result, despite its initial success in 2012, the Cuban chain’s popularity is growing.

Another significant benefit is that these chain necklaces can be worn with any type of outfit. Whether you’re wearing a casual T-shirt or a Blazer, they complement the tonality of the costume. It also looks great when layered with other gold chains. All of these elements contribute to the massive popularity of the Cuban link chain.

Cuban chain necklaces are available in a variety of styles.

These kinds of Cuban necklaces are available in today’s jewelry market.

10k gold Cuban link chain

The chain is 14k gold with Cuban links.

Chain with gold plating from Cuba

Gold-encrusted Cuban link

925 sterling silver Cuban necklace

Based on your preferences, you can choose your personal favorite Cuban necklace.

Style it in your own distinct style!

Another benefit of wearing the gold Cuban link chain is that you can style it in any way you want. You don’t have to wear it out in public. Pendants of any type can be displayed to add some contrast to the Cuban link chain. The pendants can also represent something that is representative of your personality. That is why rappers and hip-hop artists pair their Cuban necklaces with specific pendants. You can also customize your appearance by selecting the size, weight, and thickness of your choice. You might prefer a shorter Cuban link when looking for events and showtimes in a more casual setting.

14k Yellow Gold Semi-Solid Miami Cuban Bracelet, 6.1mm
You can also add diamonds engraved into the chain’s rope-like pattern to your gold Cuban link chain. These diamond-studded gold Cuban necklaces are extremely appealing and fashionable. According to current trends, several celebrities have expressed interest in this fashion regime. Pave diamonds are a fantastic choice for this type of setting.

Take advantage of this fashionable trend!

The legacy of the Cuban necklace evolves on a daily basis. It’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. As a result, you can use these well-known necklace chain styles to personalize your jewelry collections. Miami Cuban link chains are also reasonably priced for everyday use. The durability and strength of these cable chains ensure that they will not break down or tear apart.

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