Do you sense the big day approaching? Your heart must be racing just thinking about it. He kneels and hands you a wedding ring.

The setting, the music, and his temperament all play a role here. The bell, on the other hand, will stop your heart. This tiny piece of jewelry seems to have a deeper significance.

Here are some interesting facts regarding the wedding ring that you must select for your loved ones. The nine amazing points are:

1. The Wedding Ring Tradition
Others say the idea of a wedding ring is ancient. It appears to have started with Egypt. They thought the diamond would be worn on a finger with a heart-shaped vein.

Wedding bands have been documented since the 15th century. The Archduke of Austria then presented Mary of Burgundy with a gold diamond ring.

A Diamond Ring Worth a Billion $
Let me tell you about the world’s most costly diamond ring, The Blue Diamond Ring ($9.49 million in 2013). Isn’t it remarkable?

3. The Year’s Most Valuable Months
You probably slept on Valentine’s Day. Nearly there. December is, in fact, the year’s most popular month for marriage proposals.

It makes sense. Christmas and New Year’s Eve have a magical atmosphere. It inspires individuals to stand out and look at issues in new ways.

4. Wedding Rings and Their Styles
Almost every country assumes this ring is the same. False. The ring is worn on the left hand by Americans, Canadians, British, and French. Russians and Indians wear it properly.

Styles of Rings
The earliest and most frequent ring shape is the “round cut”. Also available in white gold and platinum, this bracelet has a princess-cut diamond.

6. Success Ratio
In one study, just half of the brides-to-be liked their wedding bands. That’s terrible. Men should spend more time understanding their partners’ needs.

Traditions Changes
Only a guy may select an engagement ring for a woman. He was supposed to know his future bride well enough to get her a ring. In addition, it was suspenseful, something ladies love.

Things are better now. Most guys now include their girlfriend’s in-ring choosing.

8. 2 in a Row
It’s ideal to have the engagement ring and wedding band at the same time. A balanced impression is created when they complement one other.

9. More Custom Rings
Modern society values uniqueness. Many couples want a wedding band that represents their unique personalities. Not every jewelry shop offers customization. It takes a lot of imagination and dedication. Those that do make every effort and dollar worthwhile.

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