Toe Rings

Choosing it throughout the buying process is possible provided you know the size you should buy.

We have three size options. Before you can put your toe on, you may want to know which one you’re going to wear. Our consumers like the second and third toes when it comes to wearing them all over the toes. The larger sizes 3 and 4 are for women, while the medium sizes 6 and 7 are for men. A few half-size rings are available. The thumb is larger than the index finger in size, and the range is from 7-12, but most people wear eight, nine, or ten.

Everything is defined by its size.

Being comfortable in our clothes is important, and we consider your ease as a top priority! Don’t forget that the circle should be placed in the center of your foot and should be challenging to reach over your big toe.

Locate a sheet of paper that’s less than three-quarters of an inch wide and two inches long.
Cover your big toe, with the ring centered between your toes.
Use a pen to mark the point where the string or paper overlaps to draw a complete, tight circle.
To measure the distance from the pen mark to the beginning of the string or paper, use the millimeter side of the ruler.
Use this to determine the toe ring size you need.
Steps 2 through 5 should be repeated to measure the widest point of the pencil tip rather than the middle.

The toes should not be off by more than two sizes in either the front or the back. When the difference between two sizes is greater than two sizes, move to the next size.

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