Cubic Zirconia Toe Rings

It is possible to choose it during the purchasing process if you know the size you should get.

We have three sizes available. You may want to know which one you’re going to wear before you put your toe on. When it comes to wearing them all over the toes, our customers prefer the second and third toes. Women’s sizes 3 and 4 are bigger, while men’s sizes 6 and 7 are medium. There are a few half-size rings available. The thumb is bigger than the index finger and has a size range of 7-12, although most individuals wear an eight, nine, or ten.

The scale of everything defines it.

Being comfortable in our clothing is essential to us, and we prioritize your comfort! Remember that the circle should be at the middle of your foot and difficult to reach over your big toe.

Find a piece of paper that is smaller than three-quarters of an inch broad by two inches long.
Cover your big toe with the ring, which should be situated between your toes.
To create a full, tight circle, use a pen to indicate the place where the string or paper overlaps.
Use the millimeter side of the ruler to measure the distance from the pen mark to the beginning of the string or paper.
Use this to figure out what size toe ring you need.
Steps 2–5 should be performed in order to measure the widest point of the pencil tip rather than the center.

Toes should not be more than two sizes apart in the front or rear. When the difference between two sizes exceeds two sizes, go to the following size.

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