Sterling Silver Toe Rings

Choosing it throughout the purchasing process is feasible if you are aware of the size you should get.

We offer three different sizes. Before you put your toe on, you may want to decide which one to wear. When it comes to wearing them all over the toes, our customers prefer the second and third toes. Women’s sizes 3 and 4 are bigger, while men’s sizes 6 and 7 are medium. There are a few half-size rings available. Thumbs are bigger than index fingers and vary in size from 7 to 12, although the majority of individuals wear eight, nine, or ten.

Everything is quantifiable.

Being comfortable in our clothing is critical, and we prioritize your comfort! Keep in mind that the circle should be centered on your foot and should be difficult to reach over your big toe.

Locate a piece of paper with a width of less than three-quarters of an inch and a length of fewer than two inches.
Wrap the ring around your big toe, centered between your toes.
To create a full, tight circle, use a pen to indicate the place where the string or paper overlaps.
Utilize the millimeter side of the ruler to determine the distance between the pen mark and the commencement of the string or paper.
This can help you decide the correct size of the toe ring.
Repeat steps 2 through 5 to determine the width of the pencil tip’s widest point rather than the center.

Toes should not be more than two sizes apart in any direction. When the difference in size between two garments exceeds two garments, go to the next size.

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