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One of the trendiest gold metals is Rose gold. It is well known for its pinkish hue which symbolizes feminity. On the other hand, 18k gold hoop earrings are a trendsetter. Hoop earrings are absolutely a girl’s best friend without any doubt. Think how great when these beautiful rose gold and 18k gold hoop earrings are mixed up together in a single earring.

Elegant rose gold with 18k gold hoop earrings is the dream of many girls. Let’s see more about Rose gold and 18k gold hoop earrings.

Before seeing that, let’s take a short look at the history of Rose gold. Rose gold isn’t something that was discovered a few years back. They are a few centuries old. Rose gold is called Russian gold and of course, it has a history too!

Rose gold was discovered in the 19th century by Carl Fabergé. He was the first person to wear rose gold jewelry and It is very popular back in the 1920s. But after a few years, their popularity grew less and other metals became popular. But fortunately, these days rose gold has become popular again with versatile designs.

Composition of Rose gold

You have seen that natural gold is yellow. But why does this gold look rose? Does that mean it is fake? These are the common doubts that occur when it comes to Rose gold. It is not fake gold. Let’s take a look at what makes the normal gold a rose gold one.

Rose gold doesn’t occur in nature. This beautiful pinkish hue is obtained by mixing pure gold with copper. Copper is the key ingredient for rose gold. The exact composition of Rose gold is 75% pure gold and the remaining 22.5% is copper and the rest contains other alloys.

18k rose gold hoop earrings

18k rose gold isn’t completely pure gold. But that doesn’t mean it is fake. As you know pure gold is softer, we can not make durable jewelry. So we mix some other metals or alloys to make the desired jewelry. It doesn’t make the 18k rose gold hoop earrings fake.

In this 18k gold hoop earring, only 75% is pure gold, and the remaining 25% is of other metals like copper which gives the pinkish hue. As copper is mixed with pure gold, these earrings are durable and good for everyday wear.

18k rose gold is purer than 10k and 14k rose gold earrings. This is harder than 22k rose gold but softer than 14k. So, an 18k rose gold hoop earring is more prone to scratch. So you need to maintain it appropriately.

Here is the exact composition of 18k rose gold. I already told you that 75% is pure gold and the rest is other metals. Those remaining metals are 15% copper, 9.4% silver, 0.6% Zinc. This proportion doesn’t need to be the same every time. Jewelers use various combinations of metals.

As 18k gold has less copper compared to 14k, it appears in soft pink. But more the copper in the earring, It gives deeper shade.

One of the greatest advantages of rose gold is they suit all skin tones and they are durable. When compared to other golds, Rose gold is affordable. These Rose gold and 18k gold hoop earrings are the best choices.

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