2.1mm 14k White Gold Round Wheat Chain

One of the most popular men’s jewelry is the silver Cuban link chain. Most of the time, this type of jewelry reminds us the hip-hop.

This is the most popular and in-demand jewelry piece for men. But, nowadays sterling silver Cuban link chain is loved and worn by women too.

Let’s see more about this chain’s history and the buying guide.

The silver Cuban link chain is also called the Silver Miami Cuban link chain which is the most loved jewelry by man.

No one knows how this jewelry originated. But do you wanna know how it became popular?

In 1973, DJ kool Harc wore this chain. After this, many men are attracted to this jewelry and this is how it became popular.

This chain is not used only in Miami. Due to its popularity, it’s now available worldwide.

The silver Miami link chain consists of an interlocking pattern that is thick in appearance. These chains are well known for their durability. Even though this chain comes in various colors and metals, Silver always stands high due to its durability and is available at an affordable price.

This chain is versatile and you can wear this with any outfit without a doubt. But it looks more attractive when you pair this with a t-shirt, hoodie, or jeans. Wearing this chain always gives you a dominant look.

After knowing about the sterling Cuban link chain, you decide to buy this. But do you know how to buy it perfectly? Well, here is a guide.

Pic credits: Unsplash

When you see the traditional Cuban link, it’s the only oval. It did not come with many shapes. But, you don’t need to worry now. Because nowadays, these links evolved which is a great thing. Because we got more designs in the link. Now it’s available in many shapes like Rhombus or hexagonal shape. So you can choose this according to your preferences.


Usually, the silver Cuban link chain comes in a heavy size. What to do if you don’t want to wear big size?

No worries, you have the option to choose the size. They are available in short, long, or even in a choker size.

If you want a long chain, then choose up to 22 inches. The ideal length for a

style is between 16 to 18 inches.

If you are okay with the length, go for the width. The popular width size is 18 and 19 mm. If you want a thin size, go for 12mm without any doubts.

Another thing to consider while buying this chain is weight. So choose according to your preference. If you don’t wanna wear a heavily weighted chain but want to look like you wear, then layer with 2 to 3 chains. This will absolutely work!

Nowadays, the silver Cuban link chain comes with the encrusted diamond.

This chain is known for its unique and sturdy features. It is considered a luxurious accessory. So, buy this beautiful chain and show off your style.

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