14K Yellow Gold Plated 1.04 Carat Genuine Tanzanite .925 Sterling Silver Ring

Tanzanite prices

Tanzanite prices have dropped by 20-30% as a result of the global epidemic, which has decreased travel. Profit from this misery since we all believe the virus will be eradicated soon and prices will skyrocket to new highs. Buy fine bigger Tanzanite for less than $500 per carat, the lowest price I’ve seen in my 45 years in the industry.

Carat Weight

Currently, in 2021, carat weight has less of an impact on tanzanite’s value than it does on other stones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, or diamond. China has shown increased interest in Tanzanite, and with such a large market in China, rising demand may have a significant impact on Tanzanite prices and supply. In 2021, we are seeing the following estimated price breaks in our inventory. Tanzanite prices fluctuate rapidly and drastically. In the first chart, these are our estimated selling prices, and in the second chart, these are our real pricing compared to those of our online competitors.

2021 Update:

As the Tanzanian government tries to reduce smuggling out of the mining region and the nation, the price of high-quality material has begun to increase. To do this, the military has constructed a wall that fully encircles the mining region. They will make every effort to have any rough trade handled via a government agency inside the mines. Much of the rough was transported to Kenya (to evade taxes) and then mainly to India for cutting. We anticipate that the price of tanzanite will continue to increase as regular routes are disrupted.

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