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Adjustable Shiny Beaded Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Tennis bracelets are ideal for anyone seeking a dazzling, stylish wrist accessory. Keep reading to find out what they are and how they earned their name.

Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet has an unending diamond circle. Prongs bind the gems together. They can be costly due to the dozens of diamonds that surround the bracelet. Along with diamonds, tennis bracelets can have sapphires, rubies, or emeralds.

Tennis Bracelet with Emeralds

These bracelets are designed to be loose enough to move freely on your wrist but not fall off.

What is a tennis bracelet?
Tennis bracelets were originally called eternity rings because they resembled them. Their new name came after the 1987 US Open. During Chris Evert’s tough tennis match, she urged the umpires to stop it because her diamond bracelet had gone missing. In a later interview, she referred to her jewelry as her “tennis bracelet.” Tennis bracelet sales surged after that, and the name was changed forever.

Buying a Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is significantly easier to shop for than other diamond jewelry. To acquire a tennis bracelet, first assess your budget. Tennis wristbands with a full diamond circle can be costly. A good tennis bracelet costs roughly $1,000.

Tennis bracelets have prong, bezel, and channel settings, just like engagement rings.

pront-set tennis bracelet

A prong setting secures the diamond with little metal ends. This is the most common tennis bracelet setting.

Tennis bracelet with bezel-set diamonds


A bezel setting protects the diamond around it in precious metal.

Diamond tennis bracelet with channel setting


A channel setting sandwiched two precious metal strips.

These settings impact the bracelet’s appearance; pick your favorite. Prong and channel settings are also quite safe.

Tennis bracelets are available in sterling silver, gold, and platinum. However, sterling silver is not as robust as gold or platinum. Metals with the highest strength are platinum and palladium, but they are also the most expensive.

When shopping for a tennis bracelet, look for one with a safety clasp to avoid a Chris Evert moment. Ritani’s tennis bracelets have safety box clasps. If you’re wondering how to remove a tennis bracelet, don’t be alarmed. To open a box clasp bracelet, simply press the little latch.

After buying a tennis bracelet, take it to the jeweler to check the safety clasp and setting. Cleaning your tennis bracelet will also enhance its luster.

Is a tennis bracelet unisex?
Tennis bracelets suit all! They look great layered with other bracelets or a watch.

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