All August born, as August marches the summer, opt for greens. Peridot, the birthstone for the month of August, is also known as the ‘evening emerald.’ Green, maybe the most calming of hues, is one of nature’s gifts that soothes incessantly and offers a feeling of tranquillity and serenity.

Peridots were used in jewelry by the Egyptians and the Romans in the past. Peridot has lately risen to prominence after a period of relative obscurity. The most noticeable quality of this stone is that it does not change color even when exposed to different light sources, something rubies and sapphires cannot claim. Peridot is a healthier alternative to green gemstones such as jadeite, green tourmaline, tsavorite garnet, and magnificent emeralds. Peridot, which ranges in hue from pistachio to olive green, has captured many a heart.

40.56 Carat Genuine Peridot .925 Sterling Silver Necklace

Personally, I sought green gemstones found on Earth and landed on the rare emeralds.

I was first intimidated by the prospect of how much an emerald might cost. But as I explored, I learned that based on the characteristics of emeralds and the variances found within them, emeralds are readily available to my poor self as well.

The color is the most noticeable attribute of emeralds. When you have ‘the proper’ hue of emerald, all other factors fade in comparison. Emeralds are known to be defective (to contain inclusions) due to their natural crystal structure, and it is very unusual to locate a big, clean emerald.

Aside from lab-created emeralds, which I fawn over, Angara has attributes classified as ‘excellent, better, and best.’ These classifications are formed by the differences in the characteristics of emeralds. The composition of lab-made emeralds is precisely the same as that of natural emeralds; the only difference is that they were generated in labs using techniques that replicate deep underground conditions. This is what makes the Angara the ideal gemstone destination since the practice is to cater to every part of society and inform the buyer of the precise quality of the gemstone they are selecting.

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