Moissanite engagement rings are a popular choice when you are ready to propose. The high-end look of these engagement rings, much like choosing to buy diamond rings, makes them an exquisite fine jewelry piece.

A wide number of couples are now choosing Moissanite engagement rings over other precious metals. So, what is so great about these rings?

We have created this ultimate Moissanite engagement rings guide for the buyers. You can get all the information about Moissanite engagement rings here and make an informed decision.

What is Moissanite?

First thing first, you must know what Moissanite is?

Moissanite is a synthetic gemstone that has light reflection properties and refraction indexes higher than diamonds. Simply put, Moissanite is better looking than diamonds.

diamond vs Moissanite

These gemstones were first found in 1893 but it took several years in identifying their properties as they were initially mistaken for diamonds. Unlike diamonds, Moissanite is made of silicon carbide and not pure carbon.


Moissanite and diamonds are looks alike, you cannot differentiate between Moissanite engagement rings and diamond rings if you aren’t a pro. In many cases, even professional gemologists failed to identify Moissanite from diamonds.


Moissanite is artificially created and hence there are minimum visible inclusions and imperfections. This is a rare property that makes Moissanites better than a diamond as finding the perfect diamond is a rare thing.

However, if you end up buying a low-quality Moissanite, you can find it to appear hazy and milky. These Moissanites are also cheaper in price.


When you invest in high-quality Moissanites, they look very similar to diamonds. Most of these gemstones are available in ice-white colors (Top White / D-E-F) and warmer shades like J-K-L.

Weight and size

As compared to diamonds, Moissanites are 8% lighter. For example:

· A 6.5 mm diamond weighs around 1, 0 00 carats.

· A 6.5 mm Moissanite weighs around 92 carats.

Visually, the two may appear the same and cannot be identified easily. To make it easier for customers to compare the weight of Moissanites with diamonds, the weight of Moissanites is expressed as Equivalent Diamond Weight (EDW).


Every mineral scratches itself and depending on this rule, the durability of Moissanite is judged on a scale of 0-10. There is nothing other than a diamond that is rated 10 on the scale as it is the only stone that does not wear off.

However, Moissanite is no less as it is the second most durable stone with a hardness of 9.25 – 9.5 on the Mohs scale. Just like you buy diamond engagement rings with great confidence you must not care about durability when you buy a Moissanite ring.

moissanite rings


It is a costly affair to create Moissanite in the laboratory. The price of diamonds and Moissanites are different ad usually not compared. However, usually, diamonds of the same size can cost you 15 times the price of a Moissanite.

What should you choose?

The choice is entirely personal but if you choose Moissanite rings, you are no less than others. Moissanite is a rare and precious gem in itself and should not be quoted as a fake diamond.

Moreover, it is an eco-friendly gemstone as the process of making Moissanite does not create any byproducts that harm the environment. There are many distinctive properties of Moissanite that make them a finer choice.

You can easily contact a reliable online jewelry store and ask them for the options. Once you go through the jewelry options, you will be amazed at the variety you are offered.

If diamonds are forever, Moissanites are no less and will be your cherished possession for endless years. Explore the Moissanite engagement rings online and buy the best one with McGee Company Jewelry

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