Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Open Toe Ring with a Turtle Accent

A close friend of mine introduced me to the renowned Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach, California, more than two decades ago. She introduced me to a toe ring stall after I had taken an art lesson, during which I had seen craftsmen working on pottery wheels and glassblowers. She gushed about how much she adored her toe rings and expressed a desire to purchase a set for me as a present. A significant number of individuals formed a queue in order to choose a ring, after which they herded up a pair of metal bleachers for sizing. A quick misting of Windex on the toe, followed by a gentle coaxing to get it on, and I was one of the many new people to come on board with the toe ring trend.

The narrative of how I got the company off the ground is entirely another one that I will share at another time. E-commerce and online purchasing were still relatively novel concepts when first opened its doors in 2001. Even for a toe ring, I wasn’t sure how many people would be interested in shopping online because of the anonymity it provides. How could they possibly know what size to order in the first place? Do people even wear rings on their toes? Now that the countdown to the beginning of my new experience has begun, I will press the button. And there was an order inside the hour’s time frame. And again another example. And yet another

Therefore, the most important issue that arises here is whether or not toe rings are a passing fad, a trend, or a more generally acknowledged item of conventional jewelry. We may be a little biased, but it seems like month after month and year after year, a growing number of individuals are purchasing toe rings. One thing that has become more obvious is that more and more guys are purchasing and wearing toe rings. Toe rings are in. A recent event that caused a stir in the world of fashion was when Julia Roberts attended the Golden Globes wearing toe rings. If famous people are participating in it, then it must be a trend.

We recently had a client who provided us with one of the funniest and most insightful remarks we’ve ever heard: “Well, I ran out of fingers, so I told my husband I had to start placing rings on my toes.” Our clientele consists of people of varying ages and cultural upbringings. When people are getting ready to go on vacation, or even simply because they have started wearing sandals again, we notice repeat customers come back for updates on their orders. Toe rings are wonderful presents for best friends, wedding parties, sister get-togethers, mother-daughter get-togethers, and many other types of relationships. It gives us an unique kind of satisfaction to see many of our long-time clients come back again and again; you know who you are!

Or Is It The End? After 19 years in our industry, we are of the opinion that the toe ring trend will be around for quite some time.

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