When you decide to purchase a diamond, it’s time to choose the shape of the diamond you need. Are you going to choose a round diamond shape? Yeah, you probably select round one, which is the most popular so far.

But in this article, we will assess you to explore more amazing shapes of diamonds according to your distinct taste and style. Each diamond shape has its own specification and features. So, look into some stunning diamond shapes below.

Round Brilliant

The Round Brilliant shape of diamond is the most popular cut all around the world. It contains 58 facets; this cut also provides four Cs with great flexibility.

With its well-cut, it reflects the essence of beauty and amazement, and brilliance.

No doubt it creates a dazzling look, which attracts a large number of audiences to itself.


There are two cuts available in princess-cut diamonds, square and rectangular both are unique due to their beautiful cut. Moreover, it is considered one of the newest diamond shapes and brilliant fancy shapes. Prince Cut diamond is easily adjustable in any style of ring.


Asscher diamond shape is created in earlier 90. An emerald-cut and Asscher seem similar due to their resembling cut styles.

Above that, it has 74 facets, which makes it so special. Asscher cut diamond gained popularity because most celebrities and stars love to wear it due to its vintage cut.

Radiant Cut

Radiant Cut diamond has 70 facets, which makes it more stunning. The corner of the Radiant is trimmed uniquely. It gleams and looks more attractive when combined with several other diamond cuts.

Cushion crushed eyes

Cushion gains popularity day by day because of its extensive demand for vintage-style jewelry.

The design and cuts of Cushion are elegant. It has rounded corners, and a greater facet increases the specialty of Cushion crushed eyes cut diamond.

It is also called a pillow-cut diamond.


Marquise shows the specialty with its 58 facets for the last couple of centuries, which give rise to Marquise cut diamond an indestructible value all the time.

The draft of a diamond is determined through the length to width ratio, which gives an idea of the look and shape.



Heart cut diamond is considered as the most difficult cut shape,

The beautiful heart-shaped diamond is created with 56 to 58 facets.

Hearts actually reflect the sign of love romance. 

This heart-shaped diamond cut is usually used by those who are in a love relationship. 



Oval cut diamond’s newest version was introduced in 1957 by Lazare Kaplan. This cut shape is consists of 57 or 58 facets. This shaped diamond is especially used for engagement rings.


It is an elegant cut-shaped diamond with a rectangular shape; it is also called a step-cut diamond. It has a unique optical aspect due to its rectangular facet cut.


Pear-Cut diamond is created by combined characteristics of Round Brilliant diamond and Marquise-Cut diamond. It’s also known as a “teardrop” and has maximum brilliance.

 Pear-cut diamond gives a beautiful look to the jewelry with its exceptional design.

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