Pearls are worldly used gemstones in jewelry. It’s the only gemstone that comes from a living creature, mollusk. Pearls are more famous because of their unique features, characteristics, attractive colors, and glow, generally referred to as a jewel’s glaze.

Pearls are known as the earth’s most elegant and natural treasures.

As I mentioned above, these gemstones are created inside mollusks, oysters, and mussels.

Mussels produce pearls in freshwater, while oysters are produced in saltwater.

Some of the common types of pearls are given below:


Huge 10-11mmUP Baroque Akoya Pearl Natural Blue From Japan Wholesale Loose 1pc | eBay

Akoya is the main type of pearl that is cultured in China, Vietnam, and Japan. These pearls are beautiful with white color, round shape, and luster.

Akoya is the classic pearls usually used in necklaces and other jewelry with amazing round shapes. Akoya pearls are favored all the time by retailers and consumers.


Freshwater Pearls Value: Evaluation | TPS Blog

Freshwater pearls are commonly produced pearls; they have unique shapes and various colors combined with attractive and charming characteristics.

These pearls are more affordable varieties available in the market. They come in multiples colors and shapes that are used in innovative designs and styles of jewelry.

South Sea pearl 

Golden South Sea Pearl Information

South sea pearl is also known as “Queen of pearl,” which is universally defined as “satiny.” This type of pearl has an exclusive luster and soft quality. These sea pearls make the South Seas valuable and special.

Because of their beautiful and gorgeous appearance, they radiate a glow.

They are found in a range of 8 to 20 mm; Moreover, south sea pearls are scarce. White south sea pearls maintain the highest value in all types of pearls.


Pearls are precisely the most classical and graceful gemstones. Those are incredible look beautiful in the form of jewelry. Moreover, there are lots of meanings and believes are associated with different organic pearls. Some of them offer luck, money, love, or even the power of protection type of affiliations.

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