The popular engagement ring design today isn’t popular in the past decade. We can’t be sure that today’s popular design will also be popular in the next decade. Trend always changes. Do you know which design is popular in the past decade? In this article, let’s see the top engagement ring styles by decades.


In this decade, Toi et Moi (two stones) was quite popular. In this style, two gems sit side by side and they appear close together. This resembles that a couple will always be together throughout their life.

The 1920s: Top engagement ring by decade

In this decade, Diamond halos were popular. The Art Deco era began with bold lines and angular geometry which was combined with colorful stones along with patterns.


In this decade, ribbon-shaped rings were quite popular.

Still, Art Deco was prominent. Even though it was popular, people admired Rounder cuts engagement rings. These designs featured femininity. This style was popular engagement ring by decade.


In the 1940s, Round cut diamond was the most popular one. Along with that, people preferred more synthetic stones. The Art Deco era came to an end and it is replaced with circular settings. In that period, platinum was scarce. So, people preferred a gold setting for an engagement ring.


Pear-shaped rings were very familiar in this decade. Women realized that they need to experiment with new designs too. So they tried rings with a center stone and fancy cuts. Apart from these, Marquise and teardrop cut was famous among women of this decade.

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Engagement rings of decade 1960s

This is one of the special decades for engagement rings. People in this period realize that old is gold. So they went back to Art Deco styles. These women liked angular and geometrical styles. Apart from that, floral designs were popular among them.


Emerald cut diamonds were popular at this time. In this decade, Princess cut diamonds emerged and every woman loved to have that. People preferred square face diamonds more.


Floral designs were popular in this decade. Not only floral designs, but also colorful diamonds and gemstones were more famous.

People customized blue sapphire at the center haloed with diamonds. So this caused increased sales of sapphire engagement rings.

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Yellow gold engagement rings were not popular in this decade. They mostly preferred white gold and platinum. They loved simple designs like round, brilliant-cut solitaire rings. Marquise cut was famous too.


People loved large center stones and princess-cut diamonds. They preferred Rose gold with unique shapes. Not only this they also loved vintage rings. Halo settings were quite prominent. Even double and triple halls were famous. It’s the time were the pavé encrusted band came to popularity.

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In the 2010s, the cushion-cut diamond was prominent. People loved colored stones along with pavé encrusted brands and cushion cut diamonds. Rose gold rings again appeared in trend.

The 2020s engagement ring by decade

In this decade, people have had a huge crush on oval diamond rings. Nowadays, people love to experiment with different styles and settings. They choose alternative center stones, Toi et Moi rings, unisex rings, signet rings according to their preference.

These are all the popular top engagement rings by decades. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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