At first sight, the distinctions between white sapphire and diamonds are minor. However, this is not uncommon since white sapphire is frequently used with diamonds in engagement rings and wedding bands! Continue reading to discover more about these stones!


Sapphire comes in a rainbow of hues. The Blue Sapphire is the most well-known, but it is not the only one. Sapphires are available in nearly every color except red! So sapphires may be colorless like diamonds!

The main distinction between these two stones is that White Sapphire is not typically a natural colorless sapphire; it is either thermally or chemically treated to attain colorlessness or to enhance a natural white sapphire.

Is a White Sapphire’s sparkle like a Diamond’s?

Yes! The brightness of a stone is a clear distinction between the two. A diamond will shine more than a white sapphire since the glitter in colorful stones is less white. Diamonds shine in two colors: white (brilliance) and rainbow (fire). In comparison to diamonds, White Sapphire has a silvery-greyish white brilliance. Remember that each gem is unique and cannot be evaluated based on its kind!

(White Sapphire & Diamond)

Is White Sapphire a different hue than Diamonds?

Yes! The hue of diamonds and white sapphires differs! Because white sapphires are usually treated to become colorless, the more colorless the better (it is even better if it is naturally colored). The color evenness or unevenness inside the stone is another distinction. The hue of white sapphires is likely to be inconsistent inside the stone, affecting its quality. Diamonds may also have color variations, but since white sapphires are treated, the color variations will be more apparent.

Which is more long-lasting?

Diamonds, Diamonds! Diamonds outlive white sapphires. Sapphires, while having a 9/10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, are less durable than Diamonds. Diamonds are a Mohs 10/10! That’s why we say Diamonds last a lifetime! Sapphires are used in engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine jewelry because of their durability.

Do Diamonds or White Sapphires Cost More?

Many individuals choose White Sapphires for their engagement rings because of their comparable color, cut, and hardness to Diamonds. Most significantly, many people appreciate that White Sapphires are less expensive than Diamonds. Diamonds shine with more brightness and fire, whereas Sapphires are cloudier and less brilliant. A white sapphire costs nearly three times less than a diamond per carat. White Sapphires are the finest choice for a less costly engagement ring or wedding band. The larger the stone, the easier it is to detect irregularities and faults in the sapphire! So if clarity and brightness are important to you, then diamonds are the stone for you!

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