Anklets, also known as ankle chains, ankle bracelets, or ankle strings, are worn around the ankle and are a kind of jewelry. [1] Ancient barefoot anklets and toe rings were typically worn in South Asia by women and girls for over 8,000 years, where they are known as pattilu, payal, and nupur. Egyptian ladies have worn them since the predynastic period. Anklets of many varieties were popular in the United States from the 1930s until the late 20th century. Even while the use of casual leather anklets is common in Western popular culture, it is especially popular with barefoot women. Women may sometimes wear form-fitting anklets (made of silver, gold, or beads) as adornments. [Find citation] A sari and anklets are integral pieces of jewelry in Indian weddings.

Anklets may sometimes be connected with a chain to shorten steps. In the past, this kind of dancing was commonplace in Southeast Asia and had the effect of making a woman’s stride shorter and lighter. However, nowadays, few Western women do this in public. The option of permanent ankle shackles and connecting chains exists even less often.

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