A Cuban link chain is a jewelry movement creation (hip-hop). It began in the 1970s and lasted into the 1980s.

These Cuban link chains are minor variations on traditional cable chains, with a number of oval links that join together in a rope pattern. The connections wrap into a certain pattern that is extremely cable-like, giving it a classic appearance. A Cuban chain is suitable for many kinds of styles and wearers, blending traditional flair with a modern appearance.

Designers often create Cuban links out of any metal, including platinum, silver, and gold. Gold is by far the most popular and widely used of all metals. Although the majority of gold Cuban chains look yellow, you may change the color by combining different colored metals with gold. As an example, for variations in white gold, Cuban chain manufacturers often mix palladium or manganese.

When you’re out shopping for jewelry, you’re certain to come across pure gold and gold-plated Cuban links. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend and are searching for low-cost alternatives, try our excellent Cuban link chains. Our Cuban link chains are plated with 5 layers of white gold or genuine 14K/18K gold, and they are not expensive!

Why are Cuban connections so expensive?

It is important to understand that Cuban links and chains are not inexpensive. On the contrary, they are very costly to purchase! This is due to the fact that the majority of Cuban chains are made of pure gold, with just a handful including diamonds. Because gold and diamonds are such expensive materials, purchasing Cuban chains may be difficult for people with limited funds!

However, there are several plated gold Cuban links that are widely accessible, reasonably priced, and will not break the bank!

Are Cuban-Link Chains Durable?

Yes, Cuban link chains are quite robust and do not readily break or snap! The majority of these chains feature an interlocking design that guarantees the overall chain’s longevity and strength. McGee manufactures sturdy and durable Cuban link chains.

As an example, one of our main products is iced-out Cuban link chains. We utilize 5A CZ stones in these chains; in case you didn’t know, these stones are completely clean and clear. They are also a good option for VS diamond since the former is more resistant to scratches and is perfect if you want to wear the necklace every day.

In addition, we provide Miami Cuban chains. We utilize a robust and long-lasting stainless steel foundation for these chains. Stainless steel jewelry maintains a continuous brilliance and will never seem to have faded.

Who wears the Cuban Link?

So, who typically wears Cuban links? Men, particularly rock musicians, have been wearing Cuban chains for many years. Having said that, most people connect Cuban ties with the popular hip-hop and streetwear days. People nowadays wear Cuban links in a variety of ways. Some people like to dress up and wear the chain with a bow tie and a complete suit. If you can pull off this style, you will seem both fashionable and professional!

Furthermore, if you are wearing a white vest or going shirtless in the summer, you may complement your entire appearance with a Cuban chain during a summer party. The chain is guaranteed to attract attention with its elegant and modern appearance.

Keep in mind that not only males can pull off Cuban chains. Modern ladies and female rock stars may do the same, complementing the chain with their other jewelry.

What is the thickness of a Cuban link chain?

The typical Cuban chain thickness is generally between 8 millimeters and 12 millimeters for males and 5 millimeters and 8 millimeters for ladies.

Are Gold Chains Unfashionable?

The simple answer is no; gold chains are not ostentatious. This is due to the fact that stars, celebrities, and influencers from all over the globe make it a highly famous symbol that quickly becomes a global trend. If you’re still concerned, you could always opt for a smaller Cuban link chain or one made of white gold. That will make you seem extremely appealing.

What is the age of Cuban Chains?

As previously stated, the first Cuban chain restaurants appeared in the 1970s. So these chains have been in operation for 45-50 years! Cuban connections have increased in favor through time, and they are now widely used.

What is the best size Cuban link to get?

This is an important thing to ask yourself before buying your Cuban connections. The reality is that it all boils down to your own preference. Do you want a little or a large chain? What size do you think will look best on you? To clarify, the most popular and recommended Cuban chain sizes are 19 millimeters, 18 millimeters, and 12 millimeters. These sizes look great on nearly everyone, and the Cuban links will definitely attract attention to yourself!

If you accidentally buy a smaller size, you may always take it to the jeweler, who can remove the additional links for you.

Bringing it all together

To conclude, Cuban connections were a significant element of the sartorial culture decades ago and are still fashionable now. It is to your best advantage to keep the preceding points in mind before purchasing a Cuban chain for yourself. Check out our amazing and diverse Cuban chain selection at McGee, which is diving in guys swearing by hip hop jewelry and striving to be the world’s top hip hop jewelry company while catering to the cheap high-quality requirements. You’re certain to stumble across something that piques your interest and makes you want to purchase it right now!

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