Food, water, and diamonds; well everybody knows the essentials. It’s always better to have a diamond with a flaw than having a pebble without. Diamonds are girls’ best friends, be it in any shape, size, or configuration. 


Here we are to introduce a much-talked variety of diamonds: IGI certified lab-grown diamonds. ‘Lab-grown’! are these real or fake? Are they even diamonds? How can be a precious gem like a diamond be lab-grown?

These are indeed some of the questions arising in your mind currently. But I must conclude that IGI, International Gemological Institute is the world’s largest gemological laboratory and has reached the heights in growing the purest forms of gems ever.

Often referred to as the ‘man-made’, the IGI lab-grown diamonds have tested positive on the diamond tester and are the real diamonds as they are made of crystallized carbon, the same way mined diamonds are made. These lab-grown diamonds are IGI certified and give you a clear vision of cut, clarity, the weight of carat, etc. Moreover, IGI gives the best certification on lab-grown diamonds as they are specific with the color and clarity of the diamond.

Criteria of IGI lab-grown diamonds

The criteria to determine the quality of each diamond have been classified into the four C’s by the gemologists experts.

Cut_ The cut of the diamonds emphasizes many elements like its polishing, cutting precisions, and proportions of its crown height, table, etc.

Carat_ The term carat in brief means the units in which the diamond is weighed. Carat weight is kept the same for lab diamonds and natural diamonds because the method of weighing and cutting is same for the both of them. The carat weight determines the size and plays a vital role in determining the price as well.

Color_ The color of the diamond is measured from a scale to ‘D to Z’. Where D stands for colorless diamond and Z stands for diamond with a yellow hue. Expert gemologists also check the Fluorescence of diamonds. The term means that the diamond emits light when placed under a UV lamp. The scale for fluorescence runs from ‘none’ to ‘strong’.

How to care for your diamonds

Diamonds are imperishable but they are not indestructible. They can be mismanaged and lose their valor. Try not to chip them by a sharp blow, avoid its contact with other diamonds, always ensure to never lose it in a weekend setting, and resist scratching.

Wear your diamonds with caution, love, and care. Store them in a separate padded box with cotton and soft bags. To maintain the beauty of your diamond clean them periodically with a lint-free cloth, or warm water, or by simply dipping it into the cleaning solution. Get it regularly examined by the experts and keep a check on its setting arrangement as well. Don’t forget they are as precious as you are and yet they are your best friends.

Remain stress-free after buying the diamonds from IGI as they never compromise on shape and cut, measurements, clarity, carat weight, proportions, symmetry, polishing, fluorescence, and certification.

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