2.1mm 14k White Gold Round Wheat Chain

There is a wide range in the value of jewelry. Some things we think are valuable are only worth a few cents, while others, like a simple chain, could be worth hundreds of dollars. Have you ever found a beautiful stone at a garage sale or a piece of jewelry on the ground? In that case, you probably know how exciting it is to not know if your shiny gem is worth anything or not. There are a few things you should check for before you hand over the cash and bring your buried prize to a metal detectorist.

The first thing to think about is the type of metal being used. There are some producers who choose the cheapest method offered in order to make the most money. One of these ways is to use metal that has been polished. It means that the jewelry’s outside is the only part that is covered with real metal. On the other hand, the inside is often made of cheap metal that doesn’t belong there. If the plating comes off, you’ll be left with a junk piece of metal that will touch your skin all the time. You’re better than that, though. Take a look at Temple & Grace’s beautiful jewelry.

Is this seller someone I can trust?

Be careful whenever you buy something on an online sale site like eBay or Shpock or look at used items on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. These sites are not watched, so anyone can sign up and sell, even though there are some great deals to be had. Check out the seller’s feedback and image. Most of these sites let people write reviews, so do your research and see if other people have had good or bad experiences with them. Also, check the item’s description to see if it’s brand new. Is there a picture? Is the seller using stock shots or pictures of the item you want to buy? Watch out for sales sites that aren’t monitored; they’re great places for fakes to grow. Even better, buy from a jeweler with a good reputation to be sure the items you’re getting are real.

If you look for vintage jewelry anywhere, such as at the mall or online, you’re likely to find junk and pay too much for something that isn’t vintage at all. That’s why it’s important to find the most reliable sellers of old jewelry and only buy from them. Berganza’s old rings are a great example. They come in both strange and beautiful styles, and they come with details like the year they were made. If you know, for example, that a ring was made around 1900, that’s proof that it’s old, but not all sellers will give you that information.

Most things with a brand name on them have a mark, especially if it’s a high-end brand. This will let you know for sure that the item you’re buying comes from the creator who says they made it. A lot of fake jewelry sellers know this and are now making jewelry with fake trademarks. At first view, these may look like the real deal, but a closer look often shows small problems. Check the spelling, typefaces, and patterns of the hallmark on your jewelry to make sure it matches the designer’s.

Make sure it’s good quality.

If something isn’t real, you can usually tell right away by how well it’s made. Carefully look at your jewelry to make sure that it is well put together. Make sure that the links on a chain or bracelet don’t look pressed together. Instead, they should be thick and smooth. If you have a ring or other piece of jewelry with a stone, check how it is set and mounted. People sometimes think that costume jewelry is real, but when you look more closely, you’ll see that the stones are often glued in place instead of being properly put. Even though these things seem clear, it’s easy to miss them at first glance or in a picture on the internet.

Look at the stones.

Bad jewelry is usually easy to spot, but a rock that is too perfect can be a sign that it is not real. Real jewels aren’t perfect; you can see tiny flaws that happen to be there. Like pearls, diamonds are made naturally, and you can usually see their flaws when you look at them through a magnifying glass. It is common for fake diamonds and precious stones to be made from a mix of glass and plastic. These fakes look very smooth and can be easily identified.

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