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Without jewelers, there can’t be any beautiful jewelry that you love to wear. Behind every stunning jewelry piece that you wear, there is the hard work of the jeweler.In this post, you are going to learn what a jeweler does along with some information. Read till the end to know more about jewelers.

Do you know what exactly a jeweler does? Well, here’s the answer. A jeweler is the one who makes or sells jewelry. The jeweler also means the store or company that sells jewelry.

They use different metals like gold, silver, platinum along with gemstones or other materials to create beautiful rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. Do you think they only create stunning jewelry pieces? Absolutely, No.

Apart from making jewelry, they repair, adjust, and clean jewelry pieces. So, If you have any damaged jewelry and you don’t have any idea on how to fix it, just seek the help of jewelers. They will help you fix your jewelry pieces.

Okay, We know what jewelry basically does. Now, I’m gonna tell you how the word ‘Jeweler’ came into its origin. The word ‘Jeweler’ originated from an Old French word called Juelier and also from Joel. This is how the word jeweler came into existence.

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Branch jewelers

If you know well about the jewelry industry, then you may hear about Bench Jewelers.

Bench jewelers are the ones who combine their artistic skills to create and repair jewelry. They have great knowledge of handling tools and machines.

They usually work for a jewelry company or sometimes they create jewels for their own company. Some of the common skills of bench jewelers are gold or silversmithing, stone setting, electroplating, wax coating, etc.

Jeweler’s task

You know that jewelers create jewelry designs. But If you ever ask what a jeweler does, here’s the answer. They don’t focus on the only task. Let’s know what all the tasks a jeweler does.

The jeweler designs the jewelry pieces and they determine the styles and designs of the pieces. Then, they take care of how specific jewelry should be. They also repair and replace the damaged jewelry pieces. In addition to that, they also appraise the jewelry pieces.

Every jeweler must possess artistic skills and they should have good knowledge of materials and processes involved in jewelry making.

Skills required to be a jeweler

A good jeweler must know to record the weight of the jewelry pieces and mount stones in the jewelry. They should know how to make jewelry models in wax and clays. They should also ensure the quality of the jewelry pieces and must know how to use magnifying glasses and other optical instruments.

Apart from this, there are jewelry designers and Jewelry Lab Quality Assurance technicians who play a huge role in the jewelry company. Jewelry designers always work with a jewelry store to create customized jewelry pieces to satisfy the customer’s needs. And the Jewelry Lab quality assurance technicians check the quality of the diamond and other gemstones.

This is the role of every jeweler and hopes this article helped you. Thanks for reading.

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