As part of the wedding rituals, people traded diamond partnership rings for centuries. They are always identified as tokens of hope, loyalty, and eternal love – people often say that the diamond is immortal. You should wear your commitment and wedding bands on your hand and your finger. Let us look at how couples wear them around the world. You might ask yourself with the flutter and enthusiasm of a commitment: On which hand and finger shall you wear your engagement ring?

Background of Engagement Rings

Historically, people from various cultural backgrounds record that the people wore their wedding rings on each finger, including the thumb. However, people usually wear engagement bands on the fourth finger of the left hand. But historically, certain countries such as India, Germany, Spain, Norway, and Russia wear wedding bands to the right. In all, cultural customs and standards appear to be setting the tone for this custom. Moreover, it is interesting to note that the ring finger is something that more people hold, with all of the wedding customs and patterns that people wish to make somehow.

Most people attribute the ancient Romans to the tradition of wearing the finger four on the left in several Western countries. They thought this finger has a vein that runs straight down to the middle, the Amoris Vena, which means “vine of passion.” Those people considered it the perfect finger to wear the commitment with the hearts at the center of your emotions. It revealed to others the sign of your forever love and that another occupied your core. However, it is not a global tradition to carry the engagement ring on the left. People from Russia, Germany, Norway, and India, wear their engagement rings on the right side. The word ‘left’ means ‘fatal.’ This comes from ‘left.’ some thus saw the left hand as unfortunate.

Cultural Preference regarding Engagement Rings

It’s not only the brides who get engagement rings in Sweden and Chile, but also men who wear those. In Chile, the couples dress their rings on the right hand before getting married. After the marriage, couples shift rings to the left hand. In addition to this, there are not just bands exchanged for a forthcoming wedding ceremony. If we talk of the Chinese, they trade their wealth and other items are historically rather than engagement rings. The commitment ring symbolizes a wedding vow, and your wedding bands confirm this promise. The circle of a wedding ring is, without any beginner or finish. This is a sign of eternity and commitment to a relationship throughout life.

In western societies, wedding rings are usually exchanged on the engagement ring finger at a couple’s marriage ceremony. You might wonder with this what is happening to your ring? The couple switches their engagement ring to the right just before the wedding ceremony to place the wedding ring to the left hand to carry it closer to the heart. The couple will then put the ring into the new wedding band after the ritual. Although this is the typical way to combine rings, pairs now choose various ways to design them. The wedding ring is on top of the engagement ring, and the two rings are joined together to make one. No matter how you wear them, please make sure you both wear them comfortably.


Your ring finger does not count whether you wear your diamond marriage ring or engagement ring on your right or left hand, your index finger, or your thumb. Your relationship and wedding ring symbolizes more than just exquisite pieces of jewelry. In addition, it is a promise of your mutual commitment, future partnership, and a common union. It is a sign of your affection that never fails.

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