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While purchasing diamond jewelry you often heard about diamond certification. People also tell you to purchase only certified diamond jewelry. Actually, there are many certificates available for Diamond. Among them, IGI is one of the reputed diamond certifications.

In this post, I’m going to tell you what an IGI certificate is and why you need that along with some additional information.

Before you know about IGI Certification, you must know what IGI is. IGI stands for the International Gemological Institute. It is a large and reputable gemological lab. Its main job is to grade the quality of the diamond. IGI’s headquarters are located in Antwerp. And there is one specialty about IGI. It is the largest independent gemological lab in the world. It’s great, isn’t it?

Now we know a few details about IGI. It’s time to know about IGI certification. This certificate is provided to assure the quality of the diamond. Whenever you are trying to sell your diamond or anything, the diamond certificate is important.

Why is IGI certification important?

Now you may wonder why you need a certificate for diamonds and why there are some institutes especially for grading diamonds, right?

You already knew how precious diamonds are. Sometimes, you may be cheated with fake ones or low-quality diamonds with higher prices. To avoid these situations, a diamond certificate is a must. It helps you to ensure the quality of the diamond. So you know the real value of that diamond. That’s why you should buy diamond jewelry with certificates.

IGI certification reports

Basically, there are four types of certification reports in IGI. They are Diamond reports, jewelry reports, Colored stone reports, and Lab-grown reports.

IGI diamond report

IGI diamond report gives a detailed analysis of the diamonds based on their cut, color, clarity, and Carat which is primarily called 4c’s of a diamond.

Jewelry report

It is the first institute to create jewelry identification reports. We can also say that other institutes started grading this jewelry report after being inspired by the IGI. This report provides information about the gemstones used in the jewelry and mountings with clear photographs.

Colored stone report

This report is specifically for identifying the variation and species of colored gemstones. This report includes all the detail about the gemstone along with the photography. It also tells where the gemstone originated from.

Now we know about the types of reports issued by IGI. Let’s move on to the important session. This is about how diamonds are graded.

IGI Diamond grading system

IGI grades diamonds based on the following criteria like Diamond Clarity, Carat, Cut, Color, and Finish.

Diamond Color is graded on a scale from D to Z where D means Colorless and Z means yellow. Along with this, diamond’s fluorescence is also graded.

Diamond clarity is usually examined by experts using 10X magnification and the diamond’s carat is measured carefully. Apart from this, they also focus on the diamond’s symmetry and proportions.

One of the good things about IGI certification is they are cheap and processed faster. But when compared to GIA diamond certifications, IGI is a bit inconsistent.

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