The Corporation

Harry Winston is a worldwide jeweler with stores in forty countries, including the original in New York, as well as London, Paris, Geneva, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. They are genuinely on the world stage, which mostly occurred as a result of Harry Winston’s death and the subsequent court dispute over who would take over the corporation. Having said that, they are born and raised in the United States, and their origins and ancestry are undeniably American.

Many celebrities are known to wear Harry Winston jewelry. Celebrities including Natalie Portman, Madonna, Helen Mirren, and Amal Clooney have worn Harry Winston items since Liz Taylor.

The Background

Harry Winston founded his own company in 1920, with his first shop opening in New York in 1932. However, jewels had always been in his blood. His father, Jacob Winston, immigrated to the United States from Ukraine and opened a jewelry company. Harry Winston was, in fact, both manufactured and born. He discovered a magnificent emerald at the age of 12 and sold it for a large profit. Perhaps the modern-day Harry Winston’s pricing policy can be traced back to the early markup!

Harry Winston established a reputation as a master craftsman. He altered previous designs while collecting additional gems along the way. He became well-known for his famous jewels, most notably the ‘Hope Diamond.’ This is 45.52 carats of enthralling deep blue. It was possessed by royalty all around the world until Harry Winston acquired it in 1947 and presented it to the Smithsonian Institution.

Harry Winston’s name is the company’s name. He’s even gained musical notoriety by being mentioned in the song ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.’ It’s also feasible to trace Harry Winston’s involvement in the habit of gifting celebrities jewelry for their red carpet appearances.


There are many things to enjoy about Harry Winston, but one of them is the price. In the end, I believe that what you pay for in a Harry Winston diamond is – above all – the name. That’s a tough pill to take when you know there are other designers and shops out there that will offer you a similar product with comparable intrinsic worth for a far lesser price. That’s where I’m having trouble.

Furthermore, the expense of Harry Winston items implies that you’re wasting your time unless you’re truly up to spending the big dollars (and not just large money for you). You won’t find an amazing piece here for less than $75,000, and that’s a huge concern. I don’t mind paying a high amount if the product is actually worth it. That’s not how I felt at this place.

As a result, I propose merchants like Whiteflash. Whether you’re looking for a $5k pair of earrings or an heirloom engagement ring for tens of thousands of dollars, you can expect outstanding quality and value for money here. So, yeah, if you’re looking for a million-dollar-plus item, I recommend Harry Winston. I advise you to search elsewhere for the rest of us.


The Harry Winston experience comes into its own when it comes to exclusivity. There’s no denying that the ‘High Jewelry‘ products, which include the “Secrets,” “Winston Icons,” and “The Incredibles” collections, are stunningly unique. They stand out and are remarkable.

Having said that, we’re just looking at the most extreme high-end choices here. Lowering down the value tiers, there isn’t a lot of exclusivities. So, if you’re incredibly affluent, this is fantastic; if you’re looking for something with a bit lower budget but still want exclusivity, this is less so. And the truth is that you shouldn’t have to make any concessions on this.

Designer and personalized items

In essence, the designer – The House of Harry Winston – is represented by the Harry Winston moniker. They claim that their creations are designed around the stones rather than the other way around. This does not, however, imply that you should go to Harry Winston with your own brief and aspirations for personalized work. Regardless matter who you are, the personalized component occurs. They also exclusively utilize platinum for their settings, which limits their options slightly, but each and every Harry Winston item is a designer piece in its own right.

The Internet site

I’m having a love-hate relationship with the Harry Winston website. I really want to like it. This is a unique historical brand, and components of it may be seen in the current medium of the website. However, there are several components that make it appear as it originated from Programming for Dummies. I simply don’t like menu bars above factual stuff, which causes me to get annoyed by what I can’t quickly reach with a single click. In addition, I anticipate having more information at my disposal.

It’s also worth noting that no component may be purchased online. You must visit the shop. In the present day, this seems to be striving for a premium experience while failing to match the realities of the majority of jewelry purchasers.

The Illustrations

This is my main issue with the website. The artwork is quite simple and unsuitable for such a high-end brand. I’d want to be able to see each component from every possible angle. In an ideal world, I would also like Video Imaging, Ideal Scopes, ASET Maps, and Hearts and Arrows pictures — I discuss the relevance of diamond imaging in further detail here.

Perhaps the issue is that we’ve been spoiled with high-tech graphics from the likes of Whiteflash and James Allen, which makes you feel like you’re strolling through the jewelry shop itself. I believe the website’s visual issue stems mostly from attempts made to showcase high-profile products inside the shops themselves. Overall, purchasing at Harry Winston is an ‘in-person’ experience rather than an internet one.

Shopping Experiment

For client service, I give Harry Winston a huge thumbs up. Their customer service is exceptional, and it’s a pity that other sections of the company fail them down; since based only on customer service, this is the place to go. This holds true for both the real brick-and-mortar businesses I’ve visited and the internet buying experience I’ve had.

Harry Winston boutiques are located in upscale retail locations and are the ultimate of luxury. You won’t necessarily require an appointment, believe it or not. This did raise a red signal for a seasoned diamond buyer, but there was no reason to be alarmed. This, however, contrasts with the luxurious impression that you get once inside. You’d be excused for thinking that a tuxedo would be acceptable here. However, in my experience, this will not be met with an uneasy attitude from the employees.

The Information On Hand

In my experience, the Harry Winston team is very knowledgeable, and they know how to clarify facts and satisfy the expectations of even the most experienced jewelry consumer. In my opinion, this is a really uncommon occurrence among store employees, and something I’ve only witnessed with the likes of Whiteflash and James Allen. I was pleasantly pleased by this.

The material on offer also has a genuine feel to it. There seems to be no effort to mislead you with statistics and data that add nothing to your purchase choice.

The Option

Given that you are essentially looking at a single designer when you purchase at Harry Winston, you have a really decent selection. However, the selection does not compare to other merchants which utilize various and in-house designers, such as Whiteflash, Blue Nile, or James Allen.

Nonetheless, the collections are divided into two major categories: ‘High Jewelry‘ and simply ‘Jewelry.’ The High Jewelry collection’s three categories are the red carpet offerings and would not seem out of place at a presidential luncheon. There are many separate ranges in the ‘Jewelry’ collection, including the Sparkling Cluster, Art Deco, and New York Collection. There is more variety within each of these ranges, and each has its own artistry.

The Containers

According to what I observed, the packaging is exactly what you’d expect from a brick-and-mortar high-end diamond purchase. It’s lovely, but that’s to be expected considering that these are the precise features you’re paying for in addition to the diamond’s worth.

The Returns Procedure

Harry Winston’s Returns Policy seems a touch shady. With a further dive into their website’s FAQs, they do refer to being allowed to return engagement rings within 30 days if the item hasn’t been worn. However, it seems that this is for an exchange rather than a refund. Thirty days of being unworn may also put the proposing party in a bind when it comes to their personal engagement strategy.

In conclusion

My overall impression of Harry Winston is that, although I like the brand and the firm, I would only suggest them to someone seeking to spend more than a million dollars. The vast majority of diamond sales, do not represent excellent value or a decent option.

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