When you decide to buy gold earrings, you have so many doubts in your mind like where to buy, how to select the perfect one, etc. But while buying gold earrings you must choose the best gold that is perfect for you. So, how do you know what is the best gold for earrings?

If you don’t know, you don’t need to worry. I’m gonna tell you what is the best one. So, In this guide, you will know what is the best gold for earrings and what makes that gold best. So keep reading.

Types of gold for earrings

Firstly, there are many gold types based on their karat (Purity) like 24K, 22K, 18K, 12K, and 10K.

If the karat of gold is higher, then they are expensive. Of these types, 24K is the purest form (99%). This contains more gold. So, it’s the most expensive one. However, it is hard to make jewelry from this type of gold.

The second type is 22K which has 91.67% of pure gold and the remaining 8.33% is made out of metals and alloys like silver, zinc nickel. The third type is 18k which has only 75% of pure gold. 12K contains 50% of pure gold and 10K contains 41.7% pure gold and then there is 14K which has 58.3% gold and the remaining consists of a mixture of gold, zinc, nickel, and copper.

Gold is the softest metal. So, we need to add other metals to increase their durability. Unless it is hard to make good quality jewelry.

Why 14K is the best?

When it comes to the gold earring, we need to know what is the best gold for earrings. So, 14K gold is the ideal one for gold earrings.

Many factors make 14K best. Let’s see everything one by one.

As I said before, 14K gold contains 58.3% gold and the rest of the percentage consists of other metals and alloys like Zinc, nickel, and copper. As you know, gold is the softest metal. We can not make desired designs for earrings using pure gold. So the only option to make gold jewelry is by mixing the other metals and alloys. This also makes gold earrings more durable.

As 14K gold contains only 58.3% gold, it is cheaper than 18K and 24K gold. So, this makes the best choice for affordable earrings.

Secondly, You need to consider the color of the gold. So, there are three colors in gold. They are white gold, Rose gold, and yellow gold. These 3 types have it’s advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see which suits you.

14K yellow gold

This type is the most common one. 14K yellow gold consists of metals like copper and zinc. This is the most popular type of gold and also they are hypoallergenic than other types. It is easy to maintain and make earrings. It looks like a pure gold color and suits well for darker and olive skin tones.

14K white gold

Nowadays, white gold earrings are more popular. It resembles platinum and is available at a lesser price than platinum. So people show interest in buying this type of earrings. However, it has only one disadvantage. It has nickel which is prone to allergies for some people.

14K rose gold earrings

To get a rose-tone, gold is mixed with copper. This is the trendy one and is considered romantic metal. One of the advantages of this type is they are more affordable than other types. Guess why? Because it has more copper which makes it less expensive. It is durable and looks great on every skin tone. So, 14K gold is best for gold earnings.

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