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Chris Evert, a professional tennis player who had a successful career from 1972 to 1989, invented the phrase “Tennis Bracelet.”

Tennis bracelets are gorgeous pieces of wrist jewelry that come in a variety of exquisite and brilliant patterns.

Every day, we get asked, “How did tennis wristbands acquire their name?” Tennis wristbands may seem to have been present for hundreds of years, but this is not the case. Diamond Tennis Bracelets are available in a variety of designs and clasp kinds. Continue reading to learn about the history of the Tennis Bracelet.


The name Tennis Bracelet was created by Chris Evert, a professional tennis player from the United States who had a successful career that spanned from 1972 to 1989. Her George Bedawi diamond bracelet shattered and slid off her wrist during a tense match at the US Open.

This was caused by the clasp on her bracelet breaking. Chris Evert really asked the authorities on the court if the match could be stopped until the diamond bracelet was found. Since that unforgettable event, George Bedawi has quickly gained popularity in the jewelry business, with jewelers all over the world producing bracelets with handcrafted in line diamonds and secure clasps. This is now referred to as the “Tennis Bracelet.”

So, if you turn on the tennis this week, you may see Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova wearing some beautiful bracelets.


When it comes to buying a tennis bracelet, you should think about your lifestyle. We now know that tennis players wear them, so if you live an active/sporty lifestyle or just want to switch up your bangles, you should certainly consider investing in one of these lovely pieces.

Remember, you don’t want a Chris Evert moment. So, with this specific style of bracelet, make sure they aren’t too loose or they may snag. Those that are too tight may pinch or stretch, so finding the ideal fit is critical. If you want to obtain the exact dimensions and sizes, you can always come in and visit us.

One essential element to look for in a diamond tennis bracelet is a safety clasp, which will hold your bracelet firmly and securely on your wrist in the event that the original clasp comes open or, worse, breaks.

Most Diamond Tennis Bracelets will include this function, particularly if the bracelet is in the upper price range.



The Single Row Tennis Bracelet is one of the most straightforward designs. This piece of jewelry is really a traditional and timeless item. It is made out of a single row of handmade diamonds that encircle the wrist.

They are beautiful and exquisite pieces of jewelry, available in a variety of metals and with a variety of diamond carat options, and are ideal for both everyday use and special events.


The Double Row Tennis Bracelets are a modern take on the classic bracelet. This beautifully designed item is set with two rows of breathtaking diamonds. The extra diamond line will make any outfit stand out, a really beautiful design that can also be created in a variety of metal settings and diamond carats.


When it comes to the Three Row Tennis Bracelet, it really indicates that you are going all out, since this is a very beautiful and eye-catching item. This eye-catching design, encrusted with stunning three rows of diamonds, is ideal for that special event when you want to be the center of attention.


The most luxury Four Row Tennis Bracelet is the showpiece of all tennis bracelets. This design is the ultimate treasured possession, with four rows of diamonds set in the metal of your choosing. So, if you decide to purchase one of the bracelets, you will have something to pass down to future generations.

Tennis bracelet clasps come in a variety of styles; here are three of our favorites!

Ring Clasp with a Spring

The most frequent kind of jewelry clasp seen in bracelets is the Spring Ring Clasp. This clasp is made of metal and has a spring mechanism that is activated by drawing back a tiny lever. This clasp is beautiful, flexible, and secure, making it ideal for a diamond tennis bracelet!

Clasp for Lobster

The Lobster Clasp, like the Spring Ring, is a popular kind of jewelry clasp. It consists of a metal oval ring with a spring mechanism that is activated by drawing back a tiny lever. This clasp is strong, flexible, and secure, making it ideal for a four-row diamond tennis bracelet!

Clasp with a Barrel

The Barrel Clasp is made up of two metal parts that screw together to form the shape of a barrel. This kind of clasp may be difficult to use, but it is very secure.

We can’t thank Chris Evert enough; we wouldn’t have these lovely pieces of jewelry if it weren’t for her. We hope you’ve learned a little bit about the history of the Tennis Bracelet and how to choose the best one for you. We have a large selection of designs available, so if you are interested in tennis bracelets, our larger selection of diamond bracelets, or maybe our tennis necklaces, please feel free to explore online or visit one of our shops in Birmingham, London, or Manchester.

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