You inquired about the cost of engagement rings. And we responded. You inquired about the cost of wedding rings. And we responded. The second question we often receive is, “How much should I anticipate spending on wedding rings if my engagement ring cost X dollars?” And, drum roll, please, here’s the answer:

The easiest approach to answer this issue is to look at how much people spend on engagement rings vs wedding bands on average. In 2014, the national average price for an engagement ring was $5,855. The national average cost for wedding bands was somewhat different, with couples spending an average of $1,417 on the bride’s ring and $558 on the groom’s band, for a total of $1,975 for both wedding bands.

So, based on the national average cost of wedding bands and engagement rings, you may anticipate paying about 33.7 percent (or almost one-third) of what you paid on your engagement ring on your wedding bands.

But, you may be wondering, isn’t that always true? The answer to that question is emphatical no. Other variables will influence the price of your wedding rings in comparison to an engagement ring. Here are a few of them that will have an impact on how much you spend on engagement rings vs. wedding bands:

What Is the Price Difference Between Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings? Wedding Bands Illustration

The Design of the Rings

The first element that influences the cost of your engagement ring in comparison to your wedding bands is the type of wedding rings you select. The more complex the style, the higher the price. So, if your engagement ring has a twisted band and you prefer a simple wedding band, you will pay far less on your wedding band. However, if you want a larger and more elaborate band to match your engagement ring, you will have to spend close to the same amount on your band as you did on your engagement ring. Many ladies choose to design their own wedding rings in order to bridge the gap that sometimes exists between the engagement ring and the wedding band. Depending on how complex a design you choose, this may or may not increase the cost of the band.

The price of men’s wedding rings is also affected by their design. A simple, traditional metal wedding ring for him will most likely be less expensive than a two-tone band with sophisticated finishes or millgrain accents. The cost will be determined by the style of the wedding ring.

The Quantity of Diamonds

The number of diamonds on the wedding rings will also have a significant effect on their cost. A simple solitaire engagement ring and an eternity band with big diamonds will cost about the same as a more elaborately set engagement ring and a basic, plain wedding ring. However, if you have the identical engagement ring and one-eternity band vs a plain metal band, the eternity band will always be more expensive due to the number of diamonds. Furthermore, a 9-stone wedding ring will be more expensive than a 5-stone wedding band.

When determining how much you will spend on your wedding rings in comparison to your engagement ring, you must first decide how many diamonds you want on your band. The more diamonds you have, the less your bands will cost in contrast to your engagement ring.

The Metal Type

Is your engagement ring white gold, yet your wedding rings are platinum? Then you could spend a bit more on your wedding rings than the national average. Is one wedding ring made of yellow gold, while the other is made of platinum? All of these variables will influence the price of your wedding rings in comparison to your engagement ring.

The Economic Situation

If you’re looking to purchase wedding rings, you’re probably getting married soon. This means you will be spending money on the wedding, and depending on your financial position, you may have allocated a portion of your total wedding expenses to go towards your rings. Some individuals have a lot more leeway to experiment with than others. While some couples get engaged early in life and don’t have as much money to spend on wedding rings, others get engaged early and then wait to be married to have more money to spend on wedding bands. In either of these scenarios, your financial position will affect how much you spend on wedding rings in comparison to the engagement ring.

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