If you’re considering buying a tennis bracelet, you’ve probably encountered the same issue. Tennis Bracelet Price We have gathered all the answers you need in this article!

Tennis Bracelet Costs?

A diamond tennis bracelet ranges from $1,000 to $100,000. In terms of price, a 10cttw G-H VS gold tennis bracelet will set you back $33,000, whereas a 2cttw G-H VS gold tennis bracelet would set you back The price of a tennis bracelet is determined by the metal, diamonds, and their quality/size.

Here are some suggestions on what to look for and how to compare prices.

How is a Tennis Bracelet priced?

The price of a Tennis Bracelet is determined by the metal, quality, and amount of diamonds used.

Tennis Bracelet Best Prices Here

Yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum are the most popular metals. The rarer the metal, the more expensive. For example, a platinum tennis bracelet costs more than a white gold one. A platinum 8 ct tennis bracelet costs roughly $8,500, while a rose gold version costs around $7,500. Yellow, pink, and white gold are all fairly priced.

Diamond Platinum Tennis Bracelet 2-20 Carat

If you want the beauty of platinum but not the price, white gold or silver are significantly cheaper options. To have the look of 14K Yellow Gold without the price, look for a lesser Karat Gold (see What is the difference between 14K, 18K, and 24K Gold Jewelry). What’s better? It is cheaper, looks like 14K gold, and is stronger due to additional alloys that make it tougher.

It is the diamonds that determine the price of a diamond tennis bracelet. A perfect diamond tennis bracelet can cost over $100,000. A tennis bracelet with lower-quality diamonds can be purchased for as little as $1,000.

Your bracelet will sparkle from every angle with a well-cut dazzling diamond. Cheaper diamonds will reflect less light.

Clarity: A clearer diamond costs more. The most valuable diamond is one with no imperfections or surface flaws. A low-clarity diamond has flaws or surface imperfections but costs less. Tennis wristbands are commonly rated VS1-VS2 (Best Quality) and SI1-SI2 (Best Value).

Diamond Clarity is graded from most expensive to least.

  • Stunning (FL) – Expensive
  • Flawless inside (IF)
  • Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1) and (VVS2) – We Recommend Not Included (SI1) and (SI2) – Best Value (I1, I2, and I3) – Poor Quality, Avoid!
  • Color: The closer a diamond gets to colorlessness, the more it costs. A diamond’s hue is graded on a 23-point scale from D to Z. Tennis wristbands are commonly rated H-I (Best Value) and F-G. (Best Quality)

In order of value, here are the diamond colors:

  • D-F: Neutral
  • G-J: Near White
  • K-M faint 
  • N-R Light
  • S-Z Light Costs: A one-carat IF D-grade diamond costs roughly $15,000. A one-carat SI2 D-grade diamond costs roughly $4,200.

Carat Weight: The bigger the diamond, the more expensive it is. It is possible to get a larger carat diamond for less money than a smaller carat diamond with a better cut, color, and clarity. For example, a five-carat “S” diamond will cost less than a one-carat “D” diamond. Tennis bracelets are usually 2ct to 10ct in weight.

Lab-Created Diamonds: A lab-created diamond is a great way to save money on a tennis bracelet. They’re like Earth-Created diamonds, but cheaper. Check out this cost comparison at James Allen, you can save up to 50% by opting Lab-Created!

When buying a tennis bracelet, the diamonds are measured in Total Carat Weight, which is the sum of all the diamonds. The overall carat weight is higher, thus there are fewer diamonds because they are larger and travel less around your wrist. Since most tennis wristbands are 7 inches, a shorter bracelet should be less expensive due to fewer diamonds being used.

Most tennis bracelet producers employ lower quality and color diamonds, which is fine. Because little diamonds are hard to notice, poorer quality diamonds can be used.

So, in summary, price is affected by:

  • Metal kind
  • Metal rarity
  • Diamond quality
  • diamonds types
  • Diamonds Quantity
  • What are the Tennis Bracelet Styles?
  • Prong Linking: Each diamond is held in two, three, or four-prong baskets. They allow enough light to pass through the diamonds to shine from all angles. The baskets also secure the jewels.

A channel setting has two rows of thin metal that secure the diamonds in the center. This shields the diamonds from the elements and boosts their radiance.

A bezel setting has a circle mount or small bars on either side. These keep gems apart and in place. It is suitable for most people.

Prong link, channel, and bezel settings all cost about the same.

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Tennis wristbands start at $1,000 and go up to $100,000. The price of these bracelets is determined by the metal kind, metal strength, diamond count, and diamond size.

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