Yellow gold, formerly considered the typical gold color for jewelry and everything in between, has actually fallen behind in favor, with white gold being regarded the more popular option. When it comes to yellow gold, a lesser carat is better for individuals who want to wear their jewelry on a daily basis since the gold purity is lower, resulting in a more durable material.

How is yellow gold created?

This gold hue is produced by mixing pure gold with alloy metals such as zinc and copper. The purity of gold is assessed in the same manner that white and rose gold are, and the larger the carat, the more yellow the gold, but keep in mind that it will be softer and more prone to damage.

How to care for your gold jewelry

Make sure to clean your jewelry on a regular basis, since dirt and moisture may damage and tarnish yellow gold, particularly high carat gold items.
Mixing yellow gold with stronger metals such as silver and lower carat white or rose gold may cause scratches and damage.
Remove your gold jewelry before exercising or doing strenuous duties to prevent damage to the clasps and precious stone settings.

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