Getting your girlfriend’s ring size without damaging your proposal preparations may be on your mind. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to obtain the correct ring size while keeping it a secret.

Make a Direct Approach to Her

Your girlfriend will most certainly think you’re proposing if you inquire about her ring size. She won’t know when or how, however. If you’re considering purchasing a ring that won’t be easy to resize, talk to her beforehand.

Be a Sly Sneaker

You may utilize a ring that she already has to find out her ring size without her knowledge.

Using a ring she currently has maybe the simplest method to determine her ring size without her knowledge. Check your girlfriend’s jewelry box while she isn’t looking for a ring she wears on her left ring finger. Get her ring size from a jeweler before giving her the ring.

The ring may be placed on your finger and the length of the ring can be marked using a permanent marker. Depending on where you marked on your body, a jeweler may be able to locate the perfect size.

Consult with close friends or members of your family.

There’s a good chance that your girlfriend’s ring size is a mystery to her family and friends. However, it wouldn’t hurt to inquire.

Perhaps a friend or a family member has gifted her with jewelry in the past, such as a ring. It’s possible their rings are the same size. If you can’t find out her ring size any other way and don’t mind exposing your proposal plans, this is one alternative to explore.

Use a ring size chart to ensure proper fit.

Use a ring size chart and a ring from her jewelry box to figure out her ring size. You may get a lot of printable ring charts for free online. To use the chart, just print it out and line it with the paper’s rings of various sizes.

If there’s a possibility your girlfriend may discover her ring is gone, you might want to utilize a ring size chart rather than take it to a jeweler. This may also be accomplished fast. So if your girlfriend is cleaning dishes and takes off her rings, you can sneak one off her finger while she isn’t looking. Line up the ring on your ring chart and write down her ring size quickly and quickly and quickly. Keep in mind, however, that this approach lacks the precision of a true measurement.

Keep in Mind That You Can Always Resize Your Image

Don’t be alarmed if your chosen size doesn’t fit. If you’re having trouble determining her ring size, there’s no need to change your plans or spill any secrets.

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