An Affordable Alternative to the More Expensive Natural Diamond Studs

If you would love to get a set of diamond studs, but the greatest of the ones you are looking at is out of your price span, consider McGee Company. They have a fantastic variety of white, pink, and blue jewelry pieces to choose from.

Buy 0.46 Carat Genuine Yellow Diamond 14K Yellow Gold Earrings Online

6 Steps to Buying Diamond Earrings Online

When purchasing diamond earrings online, there are a few essential aspects to keep in thought. Be sure to prepare a budget and the style of earrings you like. From beyond, you can build your earrings or buy a preset set.

1. Determine your funds.

Consider how much you want to spend. The price of diamond stud earrings can cost from $199 to $35,000 or higher, depending on numerous features. Think of your financial condition. How much would you consider sufficient spending on a pair of diamond stud earrings? If it’s for an anniversary gift, you may desire to spend a little more. If it’s for a birthday gift, you may need to pay less. Overall, it’s your own decision. Recognize that thoughtful doesn’t mean costly. A beautiful collection of earrings, no matter the carat stone or cost, will be treasured for years to come. 

2. Choose a particular metal type and color.

Depending on your style and choice, choose the precious alloy and color for your settings. Consider a few principal factors when picking your precious metal.

  • Metal color: Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum is the most popular colors for diamond stud earrings. The decision is based on own preference. Analyze the other jewelry in their collection if you’re unsure. Or pick a color that’ll be different from their other jewelry. Gold will be more affordable than platinum and durable, suitable for everyday wear.
  • Metal weight: For gold, you have the choice of 14K or 18K gold. There’s more gold in the 18K gold mix, but the metal is light, sturdy, and more scratch-prone than 14K gold. To save on price and get the most long-lasting choice, 14K is a reasonable risk. Platinum is more durable than gold but is more expensive and more scratch-prone. 
  • Metal allergies: If the wearer has metal allergies, consider that during purchasing. Be sure that they won’t react to the earrings, particularly if they wear them all day. 

More further than anything, opt for a setting from a dependable vendor made of gold or platinum. Sterling silver might also be an alternative but isn’t as enduring or long-lasting. Plus, most reliable vendors don’t even sell silver settings.

3. Choose a setting style.

Diamond stud settings manage to be excellent, usually with prongs holding the diamond in place. Slight variations are depending on your diamond form and the vendor. For instance, this pear-shaped stud earring has three prongs, while this princess cut earring has four. The prongs help secure the diamond is strong in the earring. 

You can also obtain high-quality halo stud earrings, similar to this pair of double halo cushion cut studs.  

As earrings with extra intricate details, opt for styles like these flower earrings or these pear shape lever back earrings

4. Decide whether to build your own or buy a preset pair.

Vendors usually give you a decision to buy a pre-designed set of earrings or design your own. With a preset, the diamonds are already selected and set in the setting. To create your pair, follow a step-by-step guide like this one where you choose your diamonds and your set. Both are great choices. 

The build-your-own selection allows you to analyze several sets of loose diamond sets and pick the items you like the most. No matter which route you move, guarantee your diamonds are of Great or Ideal cut for highest brilliance. 

5. If building your own, make sure your pair of stones match.

If you’re planning your diamond stud earrings, ensure your two diamonds are related. They should be fair—or almost equal—in carat stone (i.e. 0.51 and 0.52-carat diamonds are acceptable). They should have identical Color, Clarity, and Cut grades. This guarantees that your earrings suit and complement each other. 

6. If purchasing a preset pair, follow our suggestions below.

Opting for a couple of stud earrings that are already designed can be an excellent option. You might likewise be able to obtain a recycled set, which is an environmentally friendly option. If you decide on preset earrings, follow these guidelines in mind.

  • Carat Weight: The carat weight should be approximately equal (within 0.05 Carat of each other).
  • Cut: The cut quality should be Ideal or Best.
  • Color: Aim to a color grade of G-I. The diamonds will resemble white but cost considerably less than D-F graded diamonds.
  • Clarity: A clarity grade of VS2-SI1 will likely give you eye-clean diamonds for a significantly lower price than better-graded diamonds. 
  • Metal: We suggest 14Kor 18K gold because these are the most durable and long-lasting. Platinum is necessary for the rate tag, and sterling silver doesn’t give the best quality long-term.

Earring Backs – Guard Your Diamond Stud Earrings

The backs of your earrings play an important role in guarding your earrings and ensuring they don’t unlock. There are a few models of earring backs that offer you protection. Ultimately, the style you prefer is a matter of personal choice. 

  • Friction back: It started with a post with an indent in it. When the backing finishes to the center of the earring, it locks into the indented part.
  • Screw back: The back bolts into the post, making the pair pieces lock more securely together. 
  • Guardian back: A straight notched post with a locking back. The back slides over the notch and holds the earring in place by squeezing the tabs on the sides when pushing them on. Famous for diamond stud earrings above 1 carat. 
  • Push back: Slides over the cuts to hold the post in place. It doesn’t provide the additional security like a lock guardian backing, but enough for earrings weighing less than 1 carat. 

Depending on the carat weight of your earrings and the fashion, the size of the backing will change. The backs given by a high-quality vendor will be big enough to support the weight of the diamonds you’re purchasing.

Build-your-own: Settings

  • Classic Four Prong Setting
  • Martini Three Prong Setting
  • Bezel Style Setting
  • Halo Style Setting for Rounds
  • Pink including White Diamond Double Halo Princess Setting

Preset Stud Earrings

  • Classic Basket 1/2 ctw Diamond Studs in 14K Yellow Gold
  • Princess-Cut 3/4 ctw Diamond Studs in 14K White Gold
  • 1/2 ctw Asscher Cut Diamond Studs in 14K White Gold
  • 1/3 ctw Pear Shape Diamond Studs

Author’s Advice

If you are looking to purchase large studs (one-carat total weight or more – ie, at least 0.5 carat per ear), feel free to contact us, and we will help select a unique pair for you. We have found McGee Company to be the best for building your two with GIA-certified diamonds.

Discussion Conclusions

If you pay less than $1,500 on the pair of studs, you are most suitable for getting a preset couple. We found McGee Company to have the best earrings in terms of quality and value.

If you are spending more than that, contact us, and we will help you choose out a pair from one of the sites we suggest.

As an option, you can opt for lab-created diamond studs. The value of lab diamonds isn’t sufficient (as we defined in our guide to lab diamonds), but if means is your most important concern, they might be a good approach.

Mother’s Day Stud Earrings

If you’re looking for a gorgeous, timeless gift for Mother’s Day, contemplate a set of diamond stud earrings. You can create a pair that matches mom’s fashion or pick one of the unique options below.

The earrings we advise here are from the best vendors in the industry. Their settings and jewelry are made with both care and sureness.

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