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The wedding ring plays an important role in the wedding. Choosing the perfect wedding ring to exchange rings at a wedding feels overwhelming. Many doubts occur during this time. Even you have doubts like which hand is the wedding hand, right?

Sometimes people are confused about wedding ring customs. Because some people wear the wedding ring on the left hand and some people will wear on the right hand, meanwhile some people wear the wedding ring on both hands.

It’s okay to be confused about which hand you should wear the wedding ring. It is a normal and valid question. I’m gonna help you with this article along with some interesting facts on the wedding ring. So keep reading.

When did people start wearing this?

The wedding ring symbolizes the everlasting love between the couple. That is why wedding rings are exchanged during wedding vows. Do you want to know when people started to wear rings for weddings? It’s quite interesting.

Wedding rings were first introduced by the Ancient Roman. The Roman women used to wear rings to show that they are married. This is how the tradition of wedding rings spread all over the world.

Wedding ring on the left hand

Traditionally, people wear their wedding ring on their left hand. Wearing a ring on the left hand is based on the culture of western countries.

In ancient times, people believed that wearing a ring on the ring finger of the left-hand stays close to the hand.

To be more detailed, people believed that in the ring finger, there is a vein that is directly connected to the heart. So by wearing a wedding ring on that finger, it is believed that the wedding and everlasting love between that couple will stay close to their heart forever. That’s why they started to wear a ring on their left hand.

Practical reason behind wearing ring on left hand

Generally, most people are right-handed. When they wear rings on their dominant hand, then the ring can easily get damaged because of household work, etc that you do. So people generally prefer to read rings on their left hand.

Wedding ring on the right hand

Not every person wears the ring on their left hand. Some countries like India, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, Cuba, Russia, etc wear their marriage ring on their right hand.

Ancient Roman believed that wearing a marriage ring on the left hand was unreliable and unhappy. In India, wearing a Ring on the left hand is considered impure. So that’s why these people avoided the left hand and considered the right hand as the wedding hand.

Reason why people wear ring on both hands

Wearing a wedding ring is purely based on their culture, preferences, and lifestyle. So there is nothing like a perfect ring hand. So you can wear your marriage ring on the hand which you like.

Some people also wear wedding rings on both hands. They wear the ring on the left hand and switch to the right hand after the ceremony. So it’s no big deal. Hope this guide helps you. Thanks for reading.

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