11mm 14k Yellow Gold Semi Solid Miami Cuban Bracelet

Gucci Mane should simply pack his belongings and go to the North Pole after this… the guy is iced like never before — literally, he claims his wife hooked him up with some epic bling.

For Christmas, the rapper received the ultimate jewelry set, courtesy of his wife, Keyshia, who made a bespoke order for a Cuban link chain, bracelet… and a big pendant with a shoutout to their kid together. Gucci says it’s the most significant Cuban connection ever established, and the word on the street is that he’s correct.

According to sources, the three-piece set was created by Pristine Jewelers in New York, and it contains 540 carats of diamonds and weighs a staggering ten kilograms. To us ‘Mericans, that’s approximately 22 pounds!!!

The only thing missing from this package is a 5-pound nipple ring. Guwop, I hope you’ve been working out!

The necklace is 32 inches long and 2 1/2 inches broad, with the pendant being half the size of a Subway footlong. Speaking of which, it says “ICE DADDY”… which we’re informed was intended to commemorate Gucci and Keyshia’s newborn son, Ice.

Another explanation for the ‘Daddy’ moniker? The set is said to be worth $2.5 MILLION!

As for whether this is the largest item in the game, our sources suggest it very well may be, particularly one this blinged up. We’re told Jay-Z had one around this big once, but it wasn’t quite as cold as Gucci’s, so he’s in a class by himself here.

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